My Portfolio-Sree


I am new in this forum. Was going through the portoflios of seasoned investors here so thought of sharing mine too..

Company Name Invested Price % of Portfolio Rationale for Investment
MPS 172 15 Inspired from Ayush Mittal Blog, researched about the great potential in this company and the inherent unlocking of value
Wockhardt 375 15 Again great business marked by temporary issues and more of a contrarian bet
GHCL 42 10 Great Business MOAT established business of soda ash
Atul Auto 95 10 More of Fluke investment was looking to enter something into auto & auto ancillaries
HSIL 125 5 Established business valuations cheaper as compared to cera so more of value bargain
Tata Steel 215 5 Again was available at distressed valuation so could pan out well with improved infra demand
Shree Renuka Sugars 55 5 Entered into right valuations but greed to hold it at wrong end of the cycle made it a bad choice. Am still holding it as cycle has just started to be in favor will exit at cost price or -10-15%
City Union Bank 45 10 Transparent and conservative management, least affected by the whole NPA issues in this sector
Jenburkt Pharma 82 5 Well I regularly use Powergesic gel so was partly influenced by its brand power
Hester Biosciences 85 5 Conviction came from the managements ability to scale the business through steady and organic growth without resorting to too much debt
Ganesha Ecosphere 80 5 Niche Business of Waste recycling. Recently Coca-Cola has signed contract for recycled PET. Will have high business MOAT way ahead
Fluidomat 95 5 Again High Business MOAT of being only company to manufacture fluid couplings in india
Tyche Industries 30 5 Invested recently more as a study; dirt cheap forward valuation. Nutraceutical is a niche business segment. Value unlocking could take 2-3 years

Stocks that i am currently researching on are Vinyl Chemicals (Business MOAT associated with Pidilite and manufacturer of Vinyl Sulphone) , Swelect energy (Niche Player in Solar Energy Sector), Dynamatic Technologies (Niche exposure to different sectors), Bhushan Steel (more of contra play) and Zodiac Clothing (Business MOAT premium fabric player(

Would like to know the views of fellow boarders .



Hi Sree,

Congrats. Some very intelligent choices and so the returns for you have been great.

I am no seasoned investor.I guess paying attention to the Debt to Equity ratio will help. Some of the companies you hold or are looking to buy have too high Debt to Equity. Also look at the cash flow from operating activity. Companies which are consistently having negative cash flow over the years and yet showing profits might be cooking up their balance sheet.

Hi vicky thanks for the kind feedback. Well I am sure the leverage ratio is not that high for the companies in their respective sector. Secondly I am assessing the leverage capacity on debt to EBIDTA basis. Hope you found them reasonable.

Secondly my main theme of investment would be to find companies with great business themes attached which will help in the long run…



HI Sreekanth

Can you share your research on tyche industries. I had been looking at this company and felt it will take atleast 3 years to take off. So i thought i would revisit the company again after 1yr. My mail id emailsv (at) gmail (dot) com

Hi venkata

Give me some time will share the investment rationale in depth for the company (lacking the paucity of time!)

Just wanted to share an article with fellow boarders on Dynamatic Technologies

Hi Sree,

Any update on Vinyl Chemicals Ltd.?

Hi Jigar

Have taken small position in Vinyl Chemicals for investment study purpose… though i find that the company is exposed to too much of volatility of material costs, the pidilite management pedigree seems to convince me to stay invested…

Ok an update of my current portfolio
Exited my positions in Wockhardt, GHCL, HSIL ,Tata Steel, Renuka Sugars, Ganesha Ecosphere , Fluidomat and Tyche Industries***

With the new found cash influx have entered about 5 per cent in Switching Technology Gunther (German MNC manufacturing of reed switches , though financials are not good now banking on MNC theme

Balance 5 per cent equally distributed amongst subex and v2 retail…

40% —about 25% invested already in Gold and looking to increase exposure further (need other boarders views on this :slight_smile: )

50% -Cash ( Markets have become way overvalued, will evaluate opportunities if something comes attractive)



Why Subex? Can you pl share the rationale ? Thx

@KS16: Well I see Subex being the utmost beneficiary of the revival of telecom sector globally, though their financials are distorted at the moment, a visible turnaround guided by able promoters is what i am optimistic on!

Update on gold Really surprised the way how the commodity has spiked up by more than 20 per cent over the past few weeks… will be looking to add more if there’s evidence of a rate hike announcement…

Disclaimer: These are purely my investment strategies and not a general recommendation of buy or sell. Please do your research before investing

Okay just for information, Mr.Sanjoy Bhattacharya has entered into GHCL

Any recent views on Ganesha Eco?

Hi there

The company is increasing the capacity of RPSF to 1.11 lakhs MTPA in next one year further tie up with Coke India to recycle used beverage PET bottles on PAN India basis should augur well. Lastly SBIMF and some PE player has invested in this company over the past one year so overall it should augur well for the company.

I find this to be a stable business and has dual benefits both in and out of crude play.


Disclaimer: Completely exited my holdings in GEL with no transaction activity on the same in the past 30 days. These are purely my investment strategies and not a general recommendation of buy or sell. Please do your research before investing.