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Dear friends,

Recently i have come across this website and found very much useful for a beginner like me.Here am giving my complete portfolio for expert openions and suggestions.I have started creation of this portfolio from the beginning of this year.

Axis bank 14 %

V-Guard 12%

Piramalentre 19 %

Page 11.36 %

Thangamayil 8 %

Granules 8 %

Cravatex 8 %

Lupin 8 %

Atul auto 5 %


VST Tillers 1 %

Note : V-Guard has become my first bagger by doubling from my acquired price within6 months,axis and page had gained 20-25 %.

I wanted to accumulate GRP and VST for long term but waiting for a good entry point.I am worryingbcz of my over concentration in Piramal.Wanted to exit Lupin and may add further Thangamayil / Granules / Sequent scintificor Atul auto.

My aim is to create wealth on long term basis and looking for a return of more than 20 % CAGR for the next 10 year.

I want all valuepickr experts to help me and guide me to achieve my goal.

I also wanted to know whether i can purchase Mayur and Ajanta pharma at current market price for long term.By the end of this year i will be having some fresh fund for further equity investment.

I thank the administrator for giving me an opportunity here :slight_smile:

thank you.


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I wanted to know how did you spot V-guard.

Decent portfolio.

Not a bad idea to put 20% of your worth with Ajay Piramal. He is a wealth creator and I am sure that Piramal Enterprises shall be a great investment in future.

For GRP and VST Tiller, I think we have a good entry point even at present. Page Industry must be watched very carefully as it can loose premium valuation on the very first sign of deteriorating competitive advantage.


You have a good collection of stocks which should give you good returns going ahead.

axis bank has some asset quality concerns built in but I think once that is over stock should give good returns.

regarding the query of buying ajanta and mayur for longer term, i think both look good for long term. Only problem is that most of us have seen the stocks trading at very low PEs for long periods of time and probably cant digest the fact that the PE Rerating which the stocks have got till now can go on till some higher levels as well. But looking at some other stocks like vguard and cera etc which have generated a lot of fancy recently, markets seem to be in a rewarding mood to stocks which have shown good consistent growth.

Dear Team,

Lot of portfolio changes done during last one year.Some money is made in Cera, Atul,V-guard etc.Where losses booked in Thangamayil.Wrong time entry made in GRP was a major mistake done during last year

My current portfolio (core) given below.

Kaveri seed â 25 %

GRP LTD )- 15 %

PI ind - 10 %

Poly Medicure â 10 %

Shilpa Medicare- 10 %

Granules india- 12 %

Ajanta pharma - 9 %

Kitex - 9 %

Portfolio weightage given as per current market price.

I believe in GRP story so I will keep on adding my position during this bad phase(It is 30% down from my initial purchase price) also am planning to accumulate more Ajanta & Kitex

Kitex, I think an un known company, its product quality is superior and management is good and efficient. Granules after recent run up may partially exit in medium term, but holding as of now as their quarterly results are very good.

Kaveri , PI ind, Poly medicure & shilpa medicare are planning to hold for next 3 years. (Where PI and Polymedicure are recent purchases).Last year i have taken a risk of betting heavily on Kaveri (Purchase price around 1500),at that point of time Kaveri was more than 40 % of my portfolio (thanks & credit goes to Valupeickr kaveri specialists).

Other than the above core portfolio am planning to build a high risk / high return stocks especially in Micro / Small caps… Following stocks are in my watch list. Caplin Point / Liberty shoes / Simran farms (downside is NIL at CMP),Acrysil / Rubfila international /Swelect energy etc.

I welcome every one’s feedback on my core portfolio and my watch list.


Shanid V H


I looked at Simran farms, and it looks like one of the worst companies to own. Promoters eating all the profits via compensation when the co is loss making, cyclic business, no dividends. Family is controlling the board and taking good care of themselves. Is there any particular reason you like the stock?

My friendly advice to you, is to stick with valuepickr favorites, and ride the good returns. Stocks like Simran farms are downright crazy purchases, IMHO. When I was committing such mistakes, senior valuepickr - Ayush helped me a great deal by warning against selfish managements and fraudulent promoters. I would have lost a great deal of money otherwise.

Wish you the best!

Dear Prasanna,

Thanks a lot for ur advice.

Ur points are valid concerns and market valued Simran farms accordingly as a 300 cr turn over company trading less than 10 cr market capitalisation.My thinking was chances of stock going 30 % below CMP is very less but there is a possibility of 50 % upside in medium term.It was just a thinking process,I need to study and verify the raw material prices fluctuations and upcoming quarterly results.

I will stick to valuepickr favourites as of now as u suggested…thanks again.

Shanid V H

Dear all,

My current portfolio…


Kaveri - 25 %

Ajanta- 20 %

VST till - 20 %

Shilpa - 15 %

Kitex - 10 %

Recent transactions from Core - exited from GRP completely,accumulating Shilpa in small lots.

Other stocks in portfolio are Acrysil,Muthoot capital, Caplin point & Rubfila.

Planning to convert the money raised by selling GRP to any other longterm bets.Stocks in watch list are Wim plast, NIlkamal,Oriental carbon,Acceleya kale etc.

Any suggestions more than welcome.

Shanid VH


Hi Shanid,

Personally speaking I wouldn’t give an allocation of 35% to Pharma in this phase of the markets. It seems a bit high.I may have have been fine with that 6 months back but not now.

May be you could do well to add some financials [housing finance companies- REPCO, Can Fin on dips (may be around 315), etc.,]or something like auto ancilliaries that will benefit from the uptick in the economy (in the case of auto ancilliaries, they would also benefit from the revival in global economy).

I have practiced what I have preached above but by God’s grace my entry points are much lower. In any case I see the above as sustainable compoundingstories for next 3-5 yrs.


Thank you HR.

I also having the same feeling about pharma allocation,as you rightly point out financials can ouprrform short to medium term only thing is at current prices comfort level is low.Auto and auto ancilliary you have any names to suggest.

Hi Shanid,

Try not to look at the price in isolation. Look at the price in conjunction with future growth prospects (at the same time you can find decent entry points every now and then as well during minor corrections). Then may be you would find your comfort level.

Housing Fin. is well discussed at ValuePickr.

I think Auto Ancilliary is not much discussed at ValuePickr but I hold Mahindra CIE (which has a 17% allocationin my portfolio as I believe it to be a long term story and I hold it at much lower levels). I had initiated a thread on Mahindra CIE as well in the forum. You could go through the same. But please develop your own conviction with respect to the story (sector, tailwinds, etc., andas well as the stock)(I am convinced and hence hold a decent chunk).

There are many Auto Ancilliary stocks but I haven’t looked at them in detail as such. But amongst large cap you have Bharat Forge. Then you have Motherson Sumi which has unfolded into a very good story and has some very aggressive price targets assigned by Institutions (Domestic & MNC), you have Amtek Auto, FIEM Industries, etc.,. I personally look for small and midcaps though.


My latest portfolio

Ajanta -15

Kaveri- 15

Shilpa - 15

Kitex - 15

Vst tillers - 5

Acrysil - 5

Muthoot cap - 5

Hestor bio - 2

Cash - 3

Hestor bio is the only recent addition,My portfolio had performed above expectation,thanks to all especially the seniors for wonderful guidance in relevant stock threads.