My portfolio: Seniors comments to churn it for 2016-17

Dear all I am relatively new in the forum but had been investing in the market for some time. My current portfolio is as below: I solicit the comments of seasned players and seniors for suitable churn the portfolio for 2016-17.

  1. Natco Pharma 31%
  2. MCX 15%
  3. Torrent Pharma 11.5%
  4. Intellect Design Areana 11%
  5. Associated Alcohol 9.5%
  6. Vaibhav Global 7.4%
  7. Thomas cook 5.8%
  8. Ujaas Energy 5.2%
  9. Suzlon 3.8%

Rajendra Badoni

What is the rational behind holding Suzlon? Company has 17000 cr debt and loss of -9157 in FY15. Do you think the company will ever turned around?

Dear Amolk, agree that I did not essentially have any fundamental reasons to hold Suzlon based on its balance sheet/finance. It was purely based on cloning a renouned businessman Mr Singhawi that I took a position in this. Yes This was not my conviction but a kind of side-car riding investment. Thanks for comments, I do invite comments on other stcks also.

You have a substantial exposure to Vaibhav. Have you made an assessment of the earning visibility for next 12 quarter…I have been through the VG thread and a lot will be answered in this quarter result. Just needed to know your views.
Disc : more than 5% for more than 1 year.

For Suzlon, the major debt load was due to purchasing German company Senvion. After they sold it off last year, the debt is down to around 7000 cr levels. It is a very good story on the Renewal energy as they have good experience and access to wind turbine tech courtesy Senvion. Even I am holding it (~ 5% of my portfolio).
It should do well in coming years - So this one is for patient investors.

Renewal energy is one of the major growth areas - for the next coming decade.

some details on Senvion sell-off