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I am new to this forum.
I started investing in the market in 2014.
Initially it was only a few small cap stocks like Dabur, Kajaria, Navneet, etc. I was doing quite well (47% gains over three years).
Last year though I must admit I got carried away and now have the portfolio shown below.
Kindly give your comments.

Although it is still in green (despite this year’s market) many stocks have taken quite a beating.
I bought many large caps like HDFC twins, Dabur, ITC, Indiabulls Housing etc to add some stabilility.
While I do have a reason of buying most of the large and midcaps, I must admit I couldn’t say the same for the small and microcaps. They were based on recos from various source.

Auro, Lupin - Two of India’s leading pharma players. While Lupin was having bad results I thought that their early foray into complex generics would drive future growth. Aurobindo was showing consitently good results around the time I bought it.

Asian Paints, ITC, Pidilite - These I largely bought for their moats in their respective businesses.

SBI life, Lombard, HDFC life, prudential - The first three I bought in IPOs. With SBI life I didn’t book the profits and later didn’t even get a chance. I booked the profits with HDFC life and did book the profits and regretted it. ICICI Lombard meanwhile had raced to 850 and I used the opprtunity to partially book the profits and buy HDFC life and prudential just to diversify within the sector.

SBI, ICICI - I bought because of recos on my broker’s site.

HDFC bank, Yes bank - These I bought because after regretting the SBI and ICICI plays, I saw that these have some of the lowest NPA numbers.

Dabur - This was my first buy. After booking 100% profits I rebought it because, a) It had weathered the Patanjali storm quite well b) Consumption I thought was the safest play.

HDFC, Indiabulls housing - I thought these would benefit well from the affordable housing theme.

Kajaria, Somany - Kajaria again was one of my first stocks. I kept it and also bought Somany as being two of the largest players in tiles segment I thought they would benefit from GST and toilets for all.

Tata Steel - I thought it would be the next big thing in steel space as China was going to cut down production

Maruti, Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland - Maruti and AL are respective leaders in PV and CV. And I think it is going to remain so for a while. Tata motors though, I am not sure if I made the right choice there. I thought it would do well since its new PVs were doing well and JLR was showing signs of improvement. I am still looking forward to how the iPace will do.

L&T- BJP govts in general give greater push on Infra. So I thought its order book would gain.

Suzlon, Inox, Websol - I bought Inox because of a reco on my broker’s site. I bought suzlon because I kpt reading it was about to turnaround. and websol because I read somewhere it was the next multibagger because of govt’s push for solar. And back then its earning were also doing well.

IDFC bank - I bought this because of the merger with capital first and pans to retailise.

Vikas Eco, Bhansali Polymer, Fineotex, Sintex platics - Vikas i bought for the organotin product. BEPL I bought because I read that ABS is mostly imported and BEPL has some huge customers. Fineotex I bought because of aquastrike, a non-toxic mosqito killer. I had sintex before demerger. After that I sold Sintex and kept this and also averaged it around 90.

Tata Elxsi - I liked this stock for its recent good performance, diversified business segmentation and the fact that it is focussed on R&D.

Tata global - It owns some of the biggest brands of India’s favourite passtime tea. Another FMCG play.

Motherson Sumi, Minda - I bought these as I thought these would be the most likely to benefit from a growth in the auto sector.

Mirc - Well I bought this beacause it had momentum and i saw an interview of the MD talking about how they will be getting rid of their debt soon, and leaving the phone business to focus on their plans to make better quality TVs and ACs. Also the fact that they own the Onida brand played a part.

EID parry - I thought it would do well in an electtion year as the govt would focus on farmers. Also the fact that they own coromondal played a part.

Stock Weightage in portfolio Average investment price
Alphageo (India) 2.22% 856.89
Ashok Leyland 2.42% 121.73
ASI Industries Ltd. 0.18% 1,178.62
Asian Paints 4.96% 40.97
Aurobindo Phar. 9.37% 659.51
Bhansali Engineering 0.91% 134.5
Bharat Electronics 0.46% 180.2
Dabur India 4.78% 374.13
Deep Industries 0.38% 213.23
E.I.D. Parry 0.96% 347.98
Fineotex Chemical 0.58% 34.7
Force Motors 1.11% 3,775.00
HDFC 3.32% 1,709.60
HDFC Bank 7.36% 1,887.38
HDFC Standard Life 2.04% 483.7
HUDCO 0.24% 79.85
ICICI Bank 0.49% 293.45
ICICI Lombard 2.47% 661
ICICI Prudential 1.64% 430.25
IDFC Bank 0.71% 47.5
Indiabulls Housing 3.60% 1,246.64
Inox Wind 0.45% 176.69
ITC Ltd. 2.40% 264.45
Kajaria Ceramics 2.57% 246.38
L&T 2.69% 1,296.90
Lupin 5.05% 921.84
Maruti Suzuki 3.88% 7,503.15
Minda Corporation 0.72% 186.25
Mirc Electronics 0.22% 55.5
Motherson Sumi 0.72% 336.85
National Aluminium 0.65% 41.75
Petronet LNG 0.45% 229.85
Pidilite Industries 2.73% 358.3
SBI 0.46% 280.55
SBI Life Insuran 6.20% 700
Shervani Industrial 1.62% 584.9
Sintex Plastics Tech 0.56% 31.17
Somany Ceramics 0.90% 560.35
Steelcast 0.51% 182
Suzlon Energy 0.37% 16.54
Tata Elxsi 6.95% 859.64
Tata Global Beverage 0.92% 118.8
Tata Motors 2.01% 371.37
Tata Steel 2.84% 714.52
Vikas EcoTech 0.36% 20.9
Websol Energy 0.21% 111.5
Yes Bank 3.07% 296.36
Zee Learn 0.29% 43.15

Large Cap 75.41%
Mid Cap 12.04%
Small Cap 6.27%
Micro Cap 6.28%

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The number of stocks are very high… You may need to revisit and prune it to less than 20 atleast.

I strongly suggest to either:

  1. Study the companies really deeply and pick out not more than 10-15 to invest in or
  2. Redeem these holdings and go for a well managed mutual fund or
  3. Go for a hybrid of 1 and 2

I started my stock investing journey knowing nothing and had the option to invest and burn my hands while learning or keep my money safe in a high quality equity mutual fund. I decided to do 50:50. While I was a terrible investor to start with (started in 2010) and made some terrible investments (GVK, Suzlon, Ramky Infra, Amtek among several others!), the learning continued and kept gaining knowledge and with time the portfolio quality improved along with my understanding of valuing a business (along with the returns!). I am glad I decided to go down this journey as it taught me so many things.

I will recommend the same. However investing in 57 names is unlikely to teach you anything as you will not go in depth of any. Invest in a few and know everything about the company! The risk of going wrong in a holding which consists 10% of your portfolio can be pacified by allocating a smaller portion of your money to direct equity as compared to equity mutual funds.


Actually its 49 stocks.
I am waiting for the market to improve before I sell or I will have to take to high a loss

I am already holding most of my savings in MF.
I will prune once the market improves so as to minimise losses.

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