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Hi Form Members / Experts, I am a newbie in investment [though i always had the interest] and have created a portfolio on my own [with some RnD and Basics which might not be in line completely with FA and TA but still learning]. So looking for a screener and / or review comments for improvements and guidance.

I followed couple of points listed

  1. Tried to understand the business for the particular stock
  2. How much of the business is dependent on human needs [supply demand], meaning if its a need or a want or if as a human will I be able to completely avoid the use of the product(s)
  3. Market share [for some], if its a monopoly or bipoly
  4. PE multiple
  5. Future developments or advancement
  6. Have a long term view upto 5 years or atleast 1.5 yrs for a script or some might even see an inheritance :slight_smile: [ofcourse with review lets say every 3 years, needs and market change]
  7. I am trying to maintain 15-21 max scripts within the PF
  8. Initial I did thought to have a max of 2 stock based on sector but seems Finance and Consumer Durable and Consumer Discretionary didn’t follow through
  9. Always bought in parts. and not lump sum.

So here is the list…
Laxmi Organics
BLS International
Borosil Renewables
Tata Chemicals
Hindustan Unilever
United Spirits
Cadila Healthcare
Chola Finance

For certain stocks i am keeping a watch for next 6-8 months which include →
Laxmi Organics, BLS International, GAIL, Borosil Renewables post that I might exit these based on performance and numbers.

Tata Chemicals,TATA POWER ,IEX year long perspective, with one grid one power and NTPC to join in April as phase - 1 implementation IEX seems to be 2 year bet atleast and same with tata chem with respect to EV [may be longer than 2yrs]

Currently accumulated HUL when it dipped below 200 EMA and its at 8-9% of my portfolio now, so giving it 2 quarters to adjust the crude price hikes. Not seliing keeping for 2-3 years view and same for DABUR, United Spirits, HDFC BANK

CDSL,ITC,IRCTC monopoly or bipoly business. With ITC expanding into FMCG can give them a huge boost. SBICARD again given the nature of their business and the only listed co. and 2nd in market after HDFC Cards

DIXON major player for FMCE

Can think to replace the below as they have met my targeted returned but not in a hurry in case business and future prospects are good.
BATAINDIA, TITAN, ONGC, Cadila Healthcare, Chola Finance, VIPIND

I do have a bench too in case I exit some →
Pidilite, Asian Paints, Deepak Nitrite, Dmart [seems expensive as of now], Minda Indsutries.

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I see a diversified mix of portfolio which is good if you have a reason for it, ex- large caps for low volatility consistent gains and small caps for outsized returns. It is always good to start with a goal in mind, return expectation, acceptable volatility etc. Try to bucket the portfolio and track performance against those goals, it will then be easy to take decisions.
I would avoid BLS, GAIL,ONGC & Cadila.
All the best.

@Akshat_PI thanks for the reply. Yes i did had in mind to spread across L,M and S cap.

  1. Goal in Mind → simple for me, need to make my ideal money work and grow
  2. My return expectation in long run is 15-20% yearly

My reason for , can you please provide your though process for knowledge / improvement
BLS → only the second player in VISA processing market
GAIL → this is an experiment for short term since i had 5k lying in cash to get the 3-5% in next 3-4 months
ONGC since is related to oil and drilling [i believe its very cyclic i mean if its not reacting it will not move for another 3-4 year]
Cadila didnt had any health care and also because of their vaccine for younger population

What i mean by goal in mind is the expectation from a particular stock, say you will be happy with 10% or are you expecting it to give 30% returns. Also considering the weights to different stocks and your return expectation does your overall portfolio return the desired 15-20% you mentioned, you may think on those line to structure the portfolio.

BLS - I researched this few years back, was not comfortable with cashflow and P&L alignment, also the information available was limited to build confidence and stock moved from 200 to 100 without any major trigger, it meant something is amiss, hence avoided and i am thankful.

GAIL- No comment since your reason for investing is short term pop, which is OK if you are confident.

ONGC - Its highly cyclical, no one knows what will happen to crude in next OPEC meeting.

Cadila- There are better options if you wish to include from healthcare but its all upto you where you are more confident, vaccines contribution is low single digit for them as far as i know.

thanks @Akshat_PI , I will re-evaluate again BLS and Cadila, and plans to book profits from ONGC in sometime or based on how the situation pans out. Also below are the MF which I hold.

  1. Tata Digital
  2. Motilal Nasdaq
  3. Mirae Healthcare
  4. Axis Midcap

I did analysis for over lapping of my scripts and thankfully found only IRCTC , CHOLA and HDFC Bank where the MF % > 2

I did had PPFAS but stopped post my analysis.


I hold the same mf portfolio as yours.Also parag parik Flexi cap fund. Could you please share your analysis - what made you stop holding that fund?

@Harsh2021 the fund is good but the overlap of the baseline scripts was too much for me [considering 1.5% and up allocation of scripts within the compared funds] and I hold IEX and CDSL, HDFC and ITC in equities. Again this my personal analysis and not a recommendation. I hold the fund but stopped investment into , waiting for it to be LTCG

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Understood. Thanks for answering.

PPFAS is consistently performing very well…any specific reason for dropping it out…

Nothing specific from performance perspective. I have another similar FOF and later realized it to be redundant for now. Though I still maintain my initial investment. :slight_smile:

PPFAS is a good stock and has been performing well.