My Portfolio review

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Hi All / @kunal_patel,

Thanks to all valuepickr members for their suggestions. Please find my latest portfolio shared.

New_Portfolio.xlsx (5.4 KB)

Some additional info

  1. I have limited knowledge and experience in stocks. About 1/3 rd of my pf is in small-cap mutual funds.

  2. I’m not a very detailed investor. My investigations are limited to a cursory web-searches / screener / googlefinance ratios etc. I am relatively risk averse, nor can I track individual stocks regularly. So I cannot keep a concentrated Pf. My bad!

  3. Most of my approach has been fashioned by the below books / links, which I’ve felt were helpful.
    The Intelligent Investor - Benjamin Graham
    One up on Wall Street - Peter Lynch
    Reminiscence of a stock operator - Jesse Livermore *as an insight into a trader’s mind
    The most important thing - Howard Marks
    Margin of Safety - Seth Klarman

  4. Coincidentally, I have also recently left my job for investing, in a post-graduate degree for myself :slightly_smiling:

The portfolio appears to be OK. But for a 19 stock portfolio, but allocations may be altered such that there is not too low allocation at bottom compared to top. That way, it may be brought down to 14-15 stock portfolio!

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portfolio update - about 7% up. (Current holding from geojit. I guess it would include previous realised gains / losses, but no dividents.)

My direct share buying has been like an SIP from 2013-14 onwards. Initially, I was with a short term trader mentality. I also bought lower quality (cheaper, small cap stocks, with bad financials and bad management) that in hindsight I should not have touched with a barge pole. Fortunately almost all of them rose along with the rising tide. Since 2015, I’ve tried to ‘cleanup’ my portfolio. Sold of all the lower quality ones trying to reduce risk. Tried / still trying to pick better quality ones… And continue with the books / forum members valuable advices here, with the limited time one has as a part time investor.

Aim is
a) to reduce any portfolio churning even further.

b) Weed out the laggards, decrease count to 18 within a year. Finally sell off legacy stocks like IOC, balmer lawrie etc which I’ve kept since 2014 times, and buy up the good ones

c) I’m about a third in cash. To invest that also. Have been ogling at some good quality stocks (like eg a Pidilite) to buy since an eternity :slight_smile: . But sadly, no dice. If the recent downrun continues maybe one may get a chance.