My Portfolio Review - Please help

I started investing in 2017 and mainly relied on stock picks from Earlier website used to create exit videos for stocks but later stopped it. I am suffering deep losses now and the website is shut down now. I have invested around Rs 40000 in each of these stocks (Total Rs 8.4Lakhs, now Rs 3.47Lakhs):

My plan is in brackets. Please tell me if anything else I should hold
[exit] Pasupati Acrylon Ltd.
[delisted] Pincon Spirit Ltd.
[hold] Chaman Lal Setia Exports Ltd.
[hold]Spicejet Ltd.
[hold]Welspun India Ltd.
[hold]Goldiam International Ltd.
[hold]Indo Count Inds. Ltd.
[exit]Kitex Garments Ltd.
[hold]Greenply Industries Ltd.
[exit] PC Jeweller Ltd.
[hold]Redington India Ltd.
[hold]Shreyas Shipping & Logistics Ltd.
[hold]Pokarna Ltd.
[exit]Eros International Media Ltd.
[exit]Hindustan Media Ventures Ltd.
[hold]Kalyani Steels Ltd.
[hold]Srikalahasthi Pipes Ltd.
[hold]LIC Housing Finance Ltd.
[exit]Kiri Industries Ltd.
[exit]Sandesh Ltd.
[hold]Vardhman Holdings Ltd.

I got badly hit due to bad management qualities which I overlooked. Please guide on if I any company which I plan to exit is worth holding?
Thanks in advance!

Threads exist in the forum for some of your invested companies. Go through them at least from the period you had invested in the respective stocks. If you had invested before or after a fall, you will know the reasons for the fall from the threads, if there were any discussions. And if you get some idea after reading them, you can do some research on your own and take a decision as to what to keep and what to sell.


You should not panic about this and go through them one by one. Check their threads in forum and see if you should hold them or sell. Don’t hold onto companies just to break even. If you need to sell whole portfolio and book losses, be prepared for that. Because unrealised loss in unsold shares of bad companies is worse than booked loss reinvested in good companies.

You can rebuild portfolio with bluechip companies with robust balance sheets and good quality of management. Don’t go for value hunting if quality is not there. Value buying works only if management quality and balance sheet are backing it up. Also, make sure you reinvest more in large cap companies because companies like HDFC Bank and HCL Technologies were large cap even before a decade and still grew faster than best small/mid cap companies.