My Portfolio - Need Suggations from Value Members


I am recently back in market after some 4 years of break and now focusing on building portfolio purely for long terms. Looking forward for feedback from fellow members on my current portfolio.

  1. Centum Electron - 17%
  2. Jain Irrigation - 5%
  3. La Opala RG - 26%
  4. Orbit Exports - 35%
  5. Sarla performance - 5%
  6. Vakrangee - 11%

Looking to increase espouse in Sarla Performance, since I am from textile background and I understand what this company can create if they maintain there current act for couple of years.Looking to expand portfolio to 10-15 stock in next months.

Thanks in advance for your guidance.


Isn’t allotment of 35% for Orbit Exports on higher side? I like the business and I am invested in it. At present I believe the market it happy with the new management and it’s execution of augmenting the capacity with the existing facility and efficiently managing the new facility at Kalyan. Also their aim is to reduce the outsourcing(40%). Being in fashion design space it commands higher margin on exports(60% in exports). Since you are in Textile field my question to you is the sustainability of the margin and its ability to churn out new designs every year?. Vakrangee and Jain Irrigation I read elsewhere there are some red flags. Could you please tell me about the rationale of Sarla?

You should have some solid names growing at 25-30% for stability of portfolio. In market you should first try to save your downside and then think for upside. you can think of some solid names like gruh finance, Torrent pharma, Pi industries indusind bank Ajanta pharma to name a few.

Disc: I have some of those names in my personal portfolio.

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Thanks for feedbac Saji.

Sarla have -

  1. Some great products line and only company in India who produce Nylon 66.
    2.Wide distribution across globe.
  2. US expansion will also give them additional capacity in coming quarters and an edge.

I am not looking for current pure numbers but on business model/ products and have confident it have enough leg room to grow 2X in by FY17 exit.

Comments pls

Dear Das,

Thanks for feedback, I look forward to add more good stock in PF and alter if needed. Gruh and PI are in my radar, whats the good level to enter in these scripts.


Any price any amount is good for Gruh if you have an investment horizon of atleast 3-5 years. A small suggestion never wait for a quality stock like gruh to fall as quality stocks rarely fall or come to your buy price.If you like the business just get in see the temporary price fall but in long run you will always come out as winner.

Thanks for your prompt reply. Its surely a buy in my list. Can you also suggest 2 more share keeping my current PF in mind pls

Thanks in advance

P.S. - Am not looking for tips but a guidance to learn the art of picking right stock :smile:

HI brajeshrawat - Just curious to know at what level you enter Vakrangee as stock gone to around 140 level and came down to 90. I also want to purchase this stock. If it is fine for you, let me know at what levels you bought remaining of your holdings.

Hi Pressy79t - I bought Vakrangee @ Rs 100. Rest are at -

La Opala @ 438

CENTUM - @ 737




Making some 3% returns in 45-60 days.


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You can think of torrent pharma granules India cardila Healthcare ajanta pharma pi Industries.

@brajeshrawat Thanks a lot. I bought Vakrangee around 108. As per my analysis, 100 seems good price. I would add more in case it falls 100 or less.

I like La Opala RG. But reluctant to enter at current price. I did basic analysis on Sarla performance and found that it had Debt/Equity ratio 1.03. So it is debt driven. But I could see many of valuepickr portfolios have sarla performance. what is your take on its Debt?

@sajijohn Hi Saji - Since you invested in Orbit Export, what would be the good price to buy orbit export. I believe price we pay is important factor in value investing.


@Pressy79t Read this thread for Sarla Performance Sarla Performance Fibres - Another Interesting Textile Story in Making?

Vakrangee I feel it will come close to 90 in few days the way market is performing.

Which other stock you are holding?

I think the present price is a good level to enter Orbit Exports. They are able to improve their margins due to lower raw material cost and cost cutting measures. Going forward they should be able to maintain the margins. They are also taking measures to avoid over dependence on few customers. According to an analyst report they have pricing power. They sell at $4 what Italians sell for 40 euros (China is not strong in fashion design area). Pankaj Seth the promoter says that they are a bottomline-focussed company not really interested in selling more fabric for the sake of records. Please do your analysis and take a call.
Discl: I am invested from 330 levels

Thanks Saji for your reply.

I am looking out for good stocks to construct long term portfolio. I have two frontline stocks Marico (at 405) and DHFL(at 433). I bought them just few days back.

Taken position in Borosil today at CMP - 17% of portfolio. Price/Book ~1 with strong business quarter lined up also other merit with are already under discussion on PV in separate thread.