My Portfolio - need overhauling

Hi All,

I am very new to ValuePickr Forum but have found this one to be very interesting and knowledge enhancing platform in the insane (for me) world of Stocks/Finance/Investment. However I felt great to be allowed to become a member of this forum and read so many interesting ideas and views of all experts. I am absolutely a duffer when it comes to investment and trying to learn from last 7 years :open_mouth:. Mostly I have only read MMB which seems to have become a battleground of conflicting interests and paid agents of brokerage houses or individual selling their ideas or services.

Well to cut the story short, I have patiently invested in below stocks in the last 7 years and now realize that I need this to be overhauled. Please take a look and give me some ideas. I am le

arning every day from this forum but need help.


Pradeep, I think you can do a majority of the analysis yourself and others can help you with this.

I see that overall you are still in the positive. You have a few excellent gains and a fair few medium-type losers. Why don’t you analyze each and every stock and put down reasons why you think they succeeded and why they failed. In this process, you should start with the initial reasons why you bought the stocks in the first place and the research for these reasons. You can then backtrack and see how those reasons have played out and whether they played out for the reasons used by you or otherwise. You can pretty much write two paragraphs on every stock.

We can then help you in assessing whether you were assessing the companies adequately.

@Leading_Nowhere (Tushaar) - Thank you for responding. I will try to write as much as I can with my limited knowledge. This will take some time. However, most of my investments is based on reading moneycontrol and MMB forum and stocks as suggested by some Silver/Gold/Platinum boarders at MMB. I blindly followed and invested. Some have given me some profits and some gone in red.

There were others where I earned some profits and then sold out (later on they proved to be multi-bagger) so lost opportunity there i.e. Hexaware and Trigyn Tech but nonetheless. I will write up some of my ideas on my stock list and share.


  • Always cut down on your losses.
  • you have no stocks in the sector leading the bull run (housing finance/financials/chemical) rather you are heavily invested in pharma and IT which have been laggards in the rally.
  • Better invest in quality companies with good management. There are so many of them.
  • never follow MMB boards . you will not learn anything there. read other threads in portfolio q&a section in this forum and also Portfolio Re-Structuring/25% CAGR quality-growth for next 2-3 years thread.

Hi distilled_feni,

Thanks for your response and for pointing. This is what I posted my portfolio here for as market is running on all engines and my folio is not showing any such positive signs. Its just flat.

I am very reluctant to book losses in my existing portfolio. May be on this forum I can learn the art of booking loss on non-performing scrips and move on to better performing ones and not only recover but also earn good profit.

Please suggest me what scrip should I book loss and move to a better option. I am also a patient guy… been continuously investing for the past 7 years. holding on to non-performing scrips as well.

I did invest on a high level in most of the negative scrips but then invested more to average the holding price.


You may start with the penny stocks. (Unless you have some kind of deep conviction about those businesses.)


Even though I never contributed much in this forum I learnt a lot from this forum. To keep the forum in maintaining the quality of discussion people like us should at the least maintain some basic sanctity.

  1. Never ever ask for quick tips in this forum
  2. Loads of learning can be made by the past posts in this forum
  3. Dont be lazy and do enough homework to take the discussions to the next level
  4. If we are reluctant to do any work and want to make good money better lets get ourselves out of this forum and try our luck somewhere else

If you still don’t want to do these, this forum will soon be another moneycontrol board.


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Hi Prasanna,

Appreciate your response and totally agree with what you have said.


Hi Pradeep,
Simple way is to get rid of all junk/penny stocks and get your investments down from the current number of stocks.
Alok, Cybermate info, syncom formula , and some more are there its just that you have to book losses in them. Why I selected these is the investment allocation is less so even if you make 40-50% gains its not worth the risk you take. Invest the same money to other profit making companies so that your allocation will increase and avg buying price will be still low.
Size of the bet really matters if you want to make substantial changes in your portfolio. So invest in very few companies , so when they move it creates wealth for you with minimal risk.

these are not recommendations but just my views

Thank you for your views @Hocuspocus32 (Vivek)… certainly these bets have been only headache for me.

very well said @prasanna_we_mails.
To add to that everyone has a different learning curve. It is always better to figure out your own path rather than asking others and VP is a wonderful forum full of resources. We are fortunate to have many great investors on the forum, follow their posts and observations and try to incorporate the learning.

Don’t get disheartened by losses etc. just think of these as tuition fees on your course to learn investments and make sure you don’t pay fees to learn the same things twice :smile:

I will leave you with two great posts from hitesh bhai, full of pearls of wisdom. Happy Investing!


One advice I would like to give don’t hold losers… stay with the winners… With losers we only have hope…put that money in other good stocks…

Thanks Ankur for suggesting. I understand ur dilemma and as every novice investor one is bound to follow the recommendations of so called experts on money control in the very early phase of investing as it is the only publicly available source for newbies . I started my investment journey just 5 months ago and the very first pick was from the sugar space Dwarikesh which I still hold tpday . Invested at 290 and still holding now . I can say a few of the boarders out there are genuine but most of them are sham and only become alive when their targets are achieved . Firstly you should be courageous to sell ur stocks at losses too if it demands . Remeber that neither RJ nor Warren Buffet got every pick right . It is called as safeguarding your existing investment . If the basis of ur investment and your loss taking ability is exceeded u should sell the same and reinvest your money somewhere else .

Investing is an art . There are tons of good opportunities around . The thing is identifying them is a huge task. You should spend time on this forums tons of research on various stocks has already been done for u . Just remeber that good investment decisions take time . Put in that extra efforts and surely over the long term you will earn a good amount of return

Hi all,

Here is my updated portfolio as of today. I have tried to put my reasons (logic/illogic) behind investing in the companies. I am not very savvy with numbers but trying to build some knowledge with the help of this forum. Hope members will provide their input on my portfolio to help me build it positively. I am a long term investor and hope to keep holding good companies for a long period. Please feel free to add your feedback/comments as honest (blunt) as much possible:


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Just get rid of losers and even winners which are plain luck. Put the money in good quality stocks.

Right now valuations are high. You may try momentum play in the interim. If a correction happens look at quality value picks.

Even though past is no guarantee for future , still remember good companies become better and bad become worse with time. So past performance
definitely has some future relevance. If you want to identify quality stocks, and don’t have enough patience to do homework, you may look at Motilal Oswal wealth creation report. Past 2-3 years report will give you 10-15 great business.

Hope this helps !

All the best.

Do you still hold the Ruchi soya? If yes, I guess that single position might have become way larger than your entire portfolio in 2017.

Hi Harsh,

Yes but before it was acquired by Patanjali I had reduced my exposure with a big loss and was only holding about 1000 units which again got reduced to just 10 after restructuring. Its not contributing much to my portfolio right now though in positive.

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Okay! What does the current portfolio look like?