My portfolio need opinion

Hi all experts I have made my portfolio for 5 years can any one suggest me which stock I can change or add
for the long term horizon. which is as follows.

  1. reliance 11.31%
  2. vedavaag 3%
  3. fcel 20%
  4. balaji telefilm .37%
  5. max venture 16%
  6. selan exploration 1.75%
  7. anant raj 1.89%
  8. Rasandik Engg 0.35%
    9)Bajaj Finance 1%
  9. Kotak Mahindra 1%
  10. South Ind Bk 4%
  11. Orient Refract 2%
  12. Ramcoind 4%
  13. Resonance 0.5%
    15)Bhansali Eng 0.41%
  14. Deepak Nitrite   2.5%
  15. Gokul Agro 1.15%
  16. NOCIL 2.67%
  17. HPL Electric     1.83%
  18. modison metal 3.47%
  19. Sunil HitechEng 2.31%
  20. Tata Global Bev 4.68%
  21. Megasoft 2.5%
  22. Archidply Ind   1.45%
  23. indian hotel 1.38%
  24. ptc india 1.9%
  25. ITC 3.21%

I would suggest you pick not more then 15 companies.
Have 7 of them bluechips
8 should be equally divided among midcaps and smallcaps.
Each company should have 10% of your portfolio allocation and you should before allocating take out 25-30% of your funds and keep them with you.
Every 45 days check your portfolio and if a company crosses 15% below buy price, see if its undervalued or on a downtrend not likely to recover in coming years. There are many ways to do that.
You can take a holistic approach , look at management, look at companies books, compare ratios and do ratio analysis of comapny viz a viz industry, do DCF. if all parameters are met, BUY MORE if it is down, else EXIT, if there no no substantial change, HOLD.

At the end of the day, stock markets are all about people who have the will to wait and surety in their actions.
If you trust a forum post, an advise or a tip and make a portfolio thinking of making a fortune, you would be losing hard earned money.