My portfolio - Mahesh

I am posting my portfolio (largely asset allocation) here for feedback and suggestions. Major aim is capital protection with reasnable growth expectations

equity - 15% (largely Abbott India, Petronet LNG, Stovec, AB capital, MOIL, Multibase India etc)
debt including liquid funds - 50%
Gilt funds - 25%
Gold - 5%
IRB Invit- 5%

I am not very positive for the equity markets for the next 2-3 years and largely see the index either maintaining the same levels or falling down. so weighed heavily on the debt instrument. plan to increase gold to 10% and equity to 20% but only if good opportunities are available.

suggestions required
for alternatives - should I stay with IRB invit or switch to embassy or indigrid
for equities - mostly invested in mid and small cap, shall I switch/invest some amount to large cap, I like ITC. Nifty index has very high PE so is it overvalued for investment

Please elaborate your equity portfolio with reasons behind investing.

No one can predict markets and so every time is good to start / continue investing. Only if you are not positive, go slow in adding to your positions.

Since your aim is capital protection with reasonable growth expectations, you should invest in proven secular compounders. Proven compounders can be from small, mid or large caps. These usually don’t show exorbitant growth but are reliable and steady.

further increased allocation to gold to 15% since start of Feb. so new allocation
equity - 15%
debt incl liquid - 40%
gilt - 25%
gold - 15%
IRB invit - 5%