My Portfolio (M5)

Finally decided to join this forum, used to be a silent spectator until I took a break from the market some time back. About my background, I am 22 years old and I’m about to complete my graduation in engineering. I started investing in 2018 and my investment is mid-long term. I follow part Peter Lynch and part Warren Buffett strategy of investing. As u can notice my initial purchases are inclined more towards valuation than growth but I learnt that it is better to buy a great company at a fair price as compared to a decent company at a bargain price. As for my background regarding stock market knowledge, I consider myself self educated as I haven’t joined any classes (Which I consider to be unnecessary) and neither do I follow the markets on a daily basis (except when I want to purchase or sell), I gained all the knowledge I have through reading (Even though I am not an avid reader) and watching YouTube videos. The things I have read thus far include The Intelligent Investor (a must read), Joel Greenblatt’s book (Which I consider to be a great book for beginners), Peter Lynch’s One Up On Wall Street (a must read), and all shareholder letters of Warren Buffett (comparatively a difficult read).

Attached herewith is an image of my portfolio, feel free to comment any advise, give suggestions or ask questions. By no means should my investment strategy or my portfolio be taken as financial advise. Readers/viewers are advised do their due diligence and research before making any purchase or sale of the shares of any company.

You can look into chemical, pharma,fmgc sectors for diversification.Auto sector is cyclic.

Totally agree about that, actually I have intentionally stopped buying shares of auto companies due to this.
The thing is when I started investing Auto stocks were too cheap

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The reason I don’t have many FMCG stocks in my portfolio is because I am not comfortable with the valuations at which they are currently trading. I do realise that it is rare for me to actually get them at valuations that I am comfortable with thus I stay away from the top FMCG stocks.
About the chemical sector, it is also cyclic and I do have stocks from the Chemical sector in my portfolio.
Looking into other sectors like Banking, Pharma, IT

The previous pic I uploaded was that of my portfolio from the beginning of my investing journey therefore to provide a better view of how my portfolio looks currently, I am attaching a pic of my present portfolio, that is the percentage values reflect the current market price and the table only shows companies that I currently have in my portfolio.

Exited entire stake in ACE at 237
This has been my very first multibagger and my most successful investment thus far so obviously there is a certain level of attachment to the company but emotions aside, I decided to exit as I feel the valuations are rich and the price has run up.

Can anybody give suggestions on when to exit a company?
While buying, I do have a certain idea of what to look for but when it comes to selling, I am completely clueless and reading about Buffett does not give any answers for this either as according the best time to sell a stock is never thus anybody pls help me out with respect to exiting a company/stock?

Exited Thirumalai Chemicals at 237, there was a time when it was down over 40%, now I am selling at over 2x the price at which I bought.

Added Mastek at 2800 (4-5% of Portfolio)

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The manual warrant conversion process was extremely challenging. Eventually they got converted due to our persistence.
This is how my portfolio looks now


Added Mastek at 1995, now in total its at 4% weightage in my portfolio and average buying price is 2397.5

Added Tanla at 720 (Approx 3% of present portfolio)
Added Acrysil at 612 (Approx 3% of present portfolio)

Added Black Rose Ind at 185 (Approx 3% of present portfolio)
Adden Newgen at 356 (Approx 3% of present portfolio)

Added Raymond at 1325 (Approx 2%) and L&T Finance Holdings at 86.3 (Approx 2%)

Can you share the reason behind adding Acysil and Newgen ?

Fundamentally, Newgen is pretty good and with their subscription based model, the opportunity is big.
Acrysil is also decent fundamentally and with increased capacity, they could do well with the growth in real estate
Both are long term and although there is downside, I felt the upside was more if the companies could deliver

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Added IDFC First Bank at 59.05 (Approx 2% of portfolio) and Saksoft at 113.10 (Approx 2% of portfolio)

Sir, would you like to share your rationale behind adding raymond?

Raymond is a short term bet, the stock is in an uptrend and is also expected to give a good result due to the festive period.

Added Avantel at 429.6 (Approx 2% of portfolio) and Ujjivan Small Finance Bank at 28.5 (Approx 2% of portfolio)