My portfolio - J Shah

I am posting my latest portfolio and rationale behind the picks.
Would like to get a view from seniors, what they think on allocation, stock selection, etc.

Stock % Allocation Key Reasons
Can Fin 22.7 Long runway, efficient managment, good spreads buy using short term CPs, well managed npa
Gruh 10.9 Long runway, market leader in non salaried segment, competent management, risk averse
M&M 10.4 market leader in tractors, visionary management, first mover advantage in electric, undervalue play
TV Today 7.6 market leader in hindi news, play on gdp, consumption, undervalue play
Cholamandalam 5.6 market leader in truck finance, competent management, strong group (murugappa)
BPCL 4.8 deregulation play, best amongs the three OMCs
NOCIL 4.3 rubber consumption play, slow shift from china to india and south korea
Cera 4.2 market leader in sanitary ware, ethical management, secular growth story
Supreme 4.1 ethical and competent management, consumption play on plastics
HDFC 3.4 secular story on housing loans, market leader
Bajaj Finance 2.9 well run lender
Wonderla 2.1 market leader in amusement parks, ethical management, strong group
Navin 2.0 market leader in flourines, play on custom manufacturing, good management
Apar 1.8 good management, hope trade
Finolex 1.8 consumption play, hope trade
Essel 1.7 market leader in packaging, strong group
Federal Bank 1.6 economic revival play, hope trade
Exide 1.6 market leader in batteries, side play on insurance
Coromandel 1.6 strong group, play on operating improvement, rural economy play
Rallis 1.4 rural economy, agri efficiency play
Bharat Electronics 1.3 defense play
PI Industries 1.2 rural economy, agri efficiency play, CSM play
Mayur Uni 1.0 consumption story on footwear, auto, etc


Thank you!

What do you mean by “Hope trade”?

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Hope trade is a small position in businesses which are good but not delivering on paper.
I am hopeful that the numbers would start coming, that’s when I will add more position and assign a greater allocation.