My Portfolio - ISHWAR

Hi guys i am sharing my portfolio below. This portfolio was completely formed by November 30 2021. NAME INVESTED CURRENT PRICE
|1| YESBANK 83.07 81.99 13.01
|2| GPIL| 2.55 3.74 285.87
|3| CHAMBEL FERT 2.72 3.21 369.2
|4| DEEPAK FERT 1.92 2.77 392.13
|5| MOTILAL OSWAL 1.59 1.51 877.59
|6| NCL INDUSTRIES 2.47 1.77 251.83
|7 SAKSOFT 1.28 1.22 891.34
|8| CIGNITI TECH 1.8 1.23 619.49
|9| PASUPATI ACRYLO 0.69 0.93 29.54
10 KALPATARU POWER 1.91 1.63 420.33

Why i have invested such big amount in yesbank ?
I know that yesbank is not the best bank and actually it was the worst 2 years ago. The only reason to invest big amount here is i have a deep understanding of this company. I know my risk. I know how much i am ready to loose. I am not expecting any 5x or 10x kind of return from this stock. i have shared a basic analysis of this stock Yes bank - #1909 by ISHWAR here.

I have a basic understanding on rest of the 9 stock which i hold. I don’t know these company inside out as i know yesbank but i feel with basic analysis and little bit of wisdom i know the overall direction these companies are going in.

I am not planning to sell yes bank in the next 1.5 to 2 yrs. So i feel after 2 yrs only my exposure here will reduce significantly.

I believe in having deep understanding and knowledge in 2 to 3 stocks rather than 10 to 15.
Meanwhile i am trying to figure out few more companies in which i have to enter as soon as i exit form yes bank.

Even if i make 50% in yes bank in next 1 to 2 yrs i make around 40% in my entire portfolio. I don’t have very big targets here it is only that i know this company and i know my risk. Appreciating my entire wealth by 40% in 2 years is big for me.

i would be in a position to answer any question relating to yes bank. I request everybody to come forward and suggest or advice me.



1st first numbers shows weightage of stock to overall portfolio when invested
2nd number shows current weightage
3rd number shows buying average price

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Hello, great insights on the YES bank more or less breaking the stigma investors have around it, I know YES bank has a opportunity to clear its debt from the recovery it makes through VI and reliance Infra. Do you have an idea of what Yes bank management / Board will do with these recovered funds, clear their dues or invest somewhere else or grow their presence in their country.

Note - As I’m invested in VI .I’m checking this for parallel investment opportunities with the same narrative

Any comment on this would be helpful, thanks!

Hi Tushar, yes bank is in need of money. They are trying to raise money through QIB placement. Currently their board is not in a hurry to show big profits, their board is fine if the share price remains at the same level for another 6 to 12 month. Their main focus is to bring stability and increase balance sheet strength. Any provisioned NPA recovery gives them two choice either to further provision or show big profit. As of now I feel they would want to further provision their NPA. They are also planning to redeem few bonds, so yes they will use the recovered money here as well. I feel they are neither going to be aggressive on growth side nor on debt side, they will have a balanced approach going forward.

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Hi @ChaitanyaC Sir
Thankyou for your kind words.
With due respect,

What I meant that if my convection on GPIL giving me good return is 50% than kumar manas sir research takes that 50% convection to 70%.

If you see I have mentioned in my portfolio about investing in GPIL. Please excuse me for making the worst my portfolio. I have a very basic value based understanding of this company and a decent understanding of the cyclicality of the industry. I have invest in this company on my conviction but kumar sir s research adds more conviction.

If you see in mathematical terms I have borrowed conviction of lets say 30% on 3% of my portfolio. Which means a borrowed conviction of 0.009% on my entire portfolio.

I feel many invest on the basis of borrowed conviction but at the end of the day we need to see how much is that on your entire portfolio.

Sir I have understood what you were trying to. I am just clarifying what I meant on GPIL post.



Hi guys, Sorry for the very bad my portfolio above. I would love to take the opportunity to present my portfolio in a better and presentable manner.

My background.
I am 18yrs old and I did my 11th and 12th from open schooling. During that period form 16yrs of age I was introduced to the market. I have been introduced to investing for last 1.5yrs.

My first priority is to build some skill so that I can a have cash flow in future ( Eg: gave my CFA level 1 exam on November 18th and meanwhile doing my graduation as well) that is the reason I don’t hold in depth understanding on many companies I buy.

My goal at least for the next 2yrs is to get a return more than 12% to 15%. My first priority is to not loose money than making money because my focus is investing not adequate to aim a higher return.

There are 4 category I made out of the companies I have invested.

  1. Companies I understand or understanding
  2. Buying companies with decreasing margins and increasing sales.( In these companies I have a very basic knowledge and I use value picker to understand them further)
  3. News based or event based expected in future
  4. Pure technical.( mostly reversal)

Below is my current portfolio.

There are a few double entry because of me buying them in different account.

Category 1 for me is - YESBANK, IDFC BANK ( one of my previous post I said it is 4% of my portfolio with an average price of 40. Sorry for the wrong information there. As of today it is 4.2% with an avg price of 49.57. I don’t intend to take it above 5%), SUZLON( understanding this company and intend to buy more), RACLGEAR

category 2 - MANAPPURAM, GPIL, INDIAMART, AMARAJA(was expecting good q2 and price levels were decent)

category 3 - NMDC(Bought on 5/8/2022 when volumes were extremely high), DEEPAKFERT(I keep buying and selling this stock. Had a larger position here. Accumulating now once again) , DISHTV

category 4 - PEL( This is also a recent buy), IEX, AB CAPITAL( very recent buy will buy more at 130),PASUPTAC( did a mistake here bought it at 30 but did not sell when it was at 55. Exiting slowly now)

The rest of the stocks don’t fit in any of these category and were bought earlier when I was introduced to investing. I am exiting them slowly with loss.

I have been achieving my target returns for last 2yrs and confident of achieving them for the next 2yrs as well.

Why am I sharing this?
I would love to take some input from the experienced investors as to how can I manage my portfolio when that is not my fist priority but still want to be invested.

Would love the view of everybody on the stock I hold and suggestion on how should I go forward.


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