My Portfolio (Growth)

Hi every one here, Seniours Plz advice/suggest your views to my portfolio …Majority stks added in recent fall with booking some loss in existing position.

  1. Selan Exploration :- 15 % @ 250

  2. Wabag :-15 % @ 460

  3. National Peroxide :- 10 % @ 450

  4. DHFL :- 10 % @ 165

  5. IDFC :- 10 % @ 135

  6. Can fin Home :- 10 % @ 145

  7. Narmada Gelatin : 10 % @ 125

8)Amrutanjan :- 10 % @ 120

  1. ABCIL :-10% @ 75

20 % in Cash …Planning to add SUN TV,Wabag & Selan in near future with staggered manner…

Suggestions Well come…

20 % of portfolios value is in CASH …planning to invest in staggered manner …many stks in radar …sun tv, divis lab,unichem,abott,wockhart plz suggest

Dear Sachin, technically most of the stocks are in sell mode.

1). Selan is a sell since it is trading below 278 rs. ( 365 day average )

2). Va tech recently closed above its 21 day average. If it closes above 477rs, then you can consider it.

3). National Peroxide is a sell since it must cross 566 ( 90 day ) and 620 ( 365 day ) before next move begins if any.

4). Dewan is a sell. Its trading below 185 ( 365 day average ).

5). IDFC is a sell. Its below 145.

6). Can fin is a sell if it breaks 132. You can add, if it closes above 145.

7). Narmada just broke 127. It must close above 135.

8). Amruntanjan is a sell. Its below 143.

9). Aditya is a sell. Its below 83.

Technically the stocks have cracked major resistance zones. They will fall further.

Fundamentally other other Canfinother stocks are weak.

You can go through ValuePickr public portfolio and portfolio of seniors like Hemant bhaiya/ Hitesh paaji and try to buy stocks which they have.

link to valuepickr portfolio

Since you have bought stocks which are bearish, you can consider buying stocks which are bullish. You can go through ‘Technical Updates’ thread of hemant bhaiya for stocks which are technically strong.


Thanks malli sir for precious advice and i agree with your views, Will try to exit from majority of stks and seat on cash to see any good buying opportunity and level too.

Mallisir , Some stks like Narmada Gelatine ,Wabag,Selan,ABCIL & Amrutanjan may hardely follow technicals ,Since they are illequidate and rarely trading.

Exited Selan,ABCIL complitely & half Wabag,Narmada Gelatin …at cost… added some havells & RCOM in dips for trading

hi sachin,

if possible avoid trading , that too in this volatile market. certainly not in stocks like rcom, suzlon, jp ass, renuka, dlf etc. there are several good stocks available for investment right now, you can start nibbling them. also if you need to do some short term trading, better buy some of these very good stocks for short term opportunities. even if you end up holding them for a long time, you wont face much downside risk.

for example : unichem at 157, symphony at 305, ajanta below 800, indusind around 450, v-guard around 430, amararaja, cera, hdfc bank, navneet, …

Thanks bala i agree with your views , Exited rcom today infact i also aviod any type of trading but some times we can not control when screen is in front of us & thinking tht we ll recover some amt of loss in ur previous trade.

Exited complited fm wabag,Narmada Gel,Amrutanjan & IDFC…only can fin home fin in portfolio …seating on cash…

Following Malli & Balasir advice.

Added KSCL & replaced canfin with Repco since both looks good technically as well funda & future guidence at CMP, KSCL regularly advtg on all Marathi channels impacts sale in Maharashtra looks very good from here too ahead of result.Only hold above 2 stks in 50/20 ratio …30% cash in hands …

Ayush/Hitesh/Donald/Bala/Tony/Malli/hemant & Suabhsh sir u all are real gems of Indian Stk Mkt …

Can u Plz some one light on Ricoh India …last qtr result was also impressive & co’s cfo already told to increse thr business 3 times in 3 yrs last yr…


Ayush, Tony, Subash, Hitesh paaji, Donald/Bala sir and Hemant bhaiya are league apart.

But felt nice just to be in the list :slight_smile:

Its good you have Kaveri and Repco. Downside is limited. Still only 2 stocks are risky. If your risk bearing potential is high then its ok.

Please go through Kaveri/Repco thread in detail since you have only them.

And from the beginning you have 20-30 % cash which is good. You never know when markets presents an opportunity to invest

You can have 10 % cash. 30 % is huge.

Since you have booked loss in some stocks earlier, i assume its easy for you to book loss in future if anything happens.

Booking loss first time is very difficult . I still haven’t booked my loss in Roto pumps even though i knew it would fall further when it closed below 109 rs.

Go through Capital Allocation thread. Read a lot about investing.

Ricoh India don’t have much idea. Hardware companies are bleeding. Just on the face of it Q4 results seems a turnaround. Not sure about its sustainability.

Have a look at Lupin. Technically its strong from last 10 yrs :-). Rakesh Jhunjhunwala also has some stake.

Lupin’s management are eyeing 3 fold increase in revenues in 6 yrs. I am expecting 30-50 % appreciation from currrent price in 1year.

Hemant bhaiya just made an entry into lupin.

I am planning to have it. Hence views are biased.

Will update my portfolio shortly. Even i am planning to have only few stocks. But advise you not to follow me blindly .



Hi Sachin,

50% of your portfolio in KSCL Alone ?? That is a huge chunk and the timing of your entry is also not great. KSCL is currently fairly/slightly expensive valued at 16 times FY13 . The price has gone up a lot recently. Market is having very high expectations on its performance for this quarter. Any slight miss from the forecast will have an adverse impact to your portfolio. Also the stock is not very liquid and the fall will be instant. This is not to discourage you from investing in it but the allocation and the timing is not perfect. Please don’t invest on borrowed conviction. My advice would be to reduce the allocation percentage unless you can bear the risk incase of un-expected outcome.

Sandeep you have put it nicely regarding Kaveri Seeds, allocation and timing. Sachin have a serious look at sandeep’s words.

Yes sandeep and Malli …i might be wrong in KSCL allocation as well as entry point due to lack of knowledge …as ur expectation its really coming dnnn …but will try my luck in upto AGM/announcement and upcoming resulttt…