My Portfolio-Govinda Krishna

My Name is Govinda Krishna and i am a investor for nearly 15 years

This is my portfolio

1.Ashok Leyland 200 shares at 23. Purchased in 2012…Now 110
2.Adani Ports 100 shares at 176 Purchased in 2014 …Now 405
3.Apcotex 120 shares at 127 Purchased in 2014…Now 427
4.Capital Trust 100 shares at 605 Purchased in 2016 …Now 775
5.Goodyear 100 shares at 513 Purchased in 2016…Now 900
6.J.K…Lakshmi Cement 100 shares at 105 Purchased in 2014…Now 455
7,Ineous Styro 100 shares at 773.Purchased in 2017…Now 1060
8.Keltech Energy 100 shares at 860 Purchased in 2017…Now 1270
9.OCL India 100 shares at 330 Purchased in 2014…Now 1215


Will add more stocks when i find opportunities…Whenever i add a new stock to the portfolio i will mention it here.

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Hi Yechendra ,Good to see such fantastic portfolio . Put some rationale behind picking such stocks .where is your 15 years investment portfolio.All your investment you are showing are from 2012.

What information you want on this forum

good list. please share some rationale, along with your losing bets (if any)? You hold just 9 companies?

sir, happy to see in this forum. i know you since long time when you are in
I know you are fantastic stock picker. I do hope that the experience you have had in stock market shall be useful to this august forum too

Wow great picks ,

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Dont want any information from the forum.Looking to post stocks when i find something interesting

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Other stocks i hold

Acrysil India 100@140 Purchased in 2010
century textile 100@352 Purchased in 2011
Johnson controls 100@201 Purchased in 2011
Tinplate 100@86 Purchased in 2010
RSWM 100@82.5 Purchased in 2009
Sarda Energy 100@134 Purchased in 2009
MM Forgings 100@69 Purchased in 2009

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Before that i would just trade

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This is what i consider when i buy a stock

Price and valuation. PE Vs Industry l PE P/E below about 15 is considered cheap, and a P/E above 20 is considered expensive by analyst standards… Sometimes cheap isnt always good.:

Financial reports.Being a MBA does help in analysing reports. I feel financial health is very important when we pick a stock.Websites,analysts give their opinons…most of them are one-sided or clealy biased.So one has to form his opinion and sometimes go by gut feeling.The more you pick stocks the more you get the true picture.

Finally we should look for future plans and revenue growth. Dynamics change very fast ,But when we buy stocks we must factor failure as well.

I have picked all my stocks with these factors in mind



Interesting portfolio.

Looking forward to your posts and new findings.


As a businessman , I am forced to ask this question. What’s in it for you? You must need something ? Or is it Gyan sharing to give something back to the investor fraternity?

I see almost all of them are 100 in quantity except one or two. Is there a specific reason?

No particular reason Sir.


If you are recommending a company, kindly post in the already existing thread for the company. Also dont give out price targets.

Your above post on HT Media is a copy pasted from Indianotes and the HT Investor presentation. It also doesnt have the risks for a balanced view. The disclosure about your holdings is also missing.

Request you to follow the rules & regulations of the forum.



If I can be believed, I could find someone whose stock picks consists some of the name that I have considered. But, having not much confidence, I have bought & sold them @ 10-40% gain. Many of the stocks that I have sold are still in gains. it is not that it was a blind strike, but based on some mappings from the stock empires. From your above list, I had picked Keltech, Ineos, (both holding) Goodyear, Capital Trust (both sold). From Feb.'17 till date I have sold some 49 in profit & 7 in loss, 5 in no profit/no loss. All were from small & micro cap worlds. Currently I am keeping 13 (list below). I can also provide list of others that I had with me. My purpose of writing this is that if someone encourages me and support my picks beyond my rationale, I can hold them. However, my buy & sell are of very small quantity, 4k-12k each stocks (just for having a feel of it) first and upon gaining confidence I will put more money.

  1. Vindhya Telelink
  2. Artson Engg.
  3. Ajmera Realty & Infra
  4. JK Agri Genetics
  5. Keltech
  6. Kaira Can
  7. Mahindra Holidays & Resorts
  8. TCI Exp
  9. Transpek Industries
  10. TBZ
  11. Talbros Engg.
  12. Rexnord Electronics & Control
  13. Waterbase
    (Ineos is for investment for long term). I have 10 years time horizon.

Hope to get some insights. If anyone encourages, I can post my other picks too.

To stockforwealth: If you need feedback for your picks, you should post in your own thread.