My Portfolio for review and suggestion

Dear All,
I am very lucky to know this blog before 5 year and after than regular I am reading this blog. I was started share market in 2010 but early time I was doing trading after reading this blog I came to know the power of investment and power of compounding return and I came to know some basis fundament of stock. Very Much thank you all senior member and all contributors of this blog.

I started building my portfolio for my children education and for their future money requirement. I am 34 year now. In my portfolio no of stocks is more I want to reduce it.

I request please review my portfolio and give valuable suggestion.

Again I am very thankful to all senior member who teach me and build confident in me to convince for stocks for long term.
My portfolio as below,

MSF.xlsx (13.4 KB)


Few observations:

  1. Good set of companies.
  2. 32 is the total number of companies you own, It’s bit too much. Cut down all the companies where you have less than 1% allocation that automatically would make the count to 20
  3. I don’t find any retail/consumer name. Yes, most of them are expensive but try to add one or two FMCG companies
  4. Your thesis for selecting stocks seems to be correct

P.S: Paste the content of the excel as people will not have to download the excel.

Hi Shailesh,

It seems that you have purchased the stocks recently after the increase from march lows due to covid.
Entering stocks at good prices is also important.
All company seems good for the long run but i feel that currently all the steam is gone and market pose to go for a correction after this unexplainable run.
There is no margin of safety but as you have mentioned this is for your children’s education purpose then there is no issue.

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If I may add…since you have already taken some good names but at HIGH, do try to avg them down when you get chance.

Yes I purchased before COVID and adding continues.i mentioned avg price in my portfolio

Ok.thnks for suggestion. I am thinking to reduce it below 20 and want to increase in RIL HUL and Britaniya

Please suggest any other good stock can Add

u already have good stocks. hopefully we get opportunity to avg.

Market still has some steam left …due to pent up demand Q2 numbers would be great for many consumer facing campanies - results of Q2 would start coming in October /November -Sensex may reach a nwer height -may be 13000++ .Need to be very selective on sectors.

Need to be ready to exit the bubble in Q3/Q4 …from the companies that you don’t trust too much.

My 2 cents: Remove Sumitomo ( can check the thread) - in agri UPL looks better . Cut down on banking - it may go up shortly but after Q3 few NPA issues may make bank nifty little weaker…add Godrej Properties - pent up demand in real estate may help.Why Godrej Property is good for long term Can look at Voltas and Transpek also


You seem to have good set of stocks. But the weightages need to change. At least 8-10% should be in Reliance. Also if possible add some gold loan companies into your portfolio.
Try to reduce few redundant companies which are into same business.

Ok thanks for suggestion

Why UPL over Sumitomo

Dear can you suggest which stocks i should sell to reduce number of stocks,

I think u can sell these stocks as they are duplicating the stocks u already have - HDFC, HCL Tech, M&M finance, Persistence, Hero Honda…Try getting escorts instead…
ur profile is very similar to mine…Infact I have 23 stocks in common with u

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Around 80% of alpha in any company is generated from earnings growth. The rest 20% boost received from valuation is not dominant and also short lived.

can you elaborate ?

It’s talked about in details here

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what does it mean by capturing the doubling of p/e ?

Price = PE ratio x Earnings
Increase in earnings or PE results in rise in price of company.
Capturing Doubling of PE means a scenario where PE rerating happens and the stock price rises due to rise in PE as one of its contributing factor. Basically, doubling in this example. You buying it at a time when it’s PE is low.

Happens with small undiscovered companies which are actually great. Aka hidden champions.

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