My Portfolio for long term I.e. 5 years or more

Hi Everyone,

Below is my portfolio:-

  1. Maruti Suzuki - 10%
  2. Ashok Leyland - 10%
  3. L & T - 10%
  4. HDFC Bank - 9%
  5. Mindtree - 9%
  6. Infosys - 9%
  7. Cyient - 6%
  8. Titan - 6%
  9. Reliance - 6%
  10. L&T Finance - 5%
  11. HDFC AMC - 4%
  12. HDFC Life - 3%
  13. Bata - 3%
  14. Asian Paints - 2%
  15. Pidilite - 2%
  16. MGL - 3%
  17. SBI Cards - 3%

I am new to investing as I started investing around 2 years ago and I have created this portfolio on my own. I made some bad choices in the past like Yes Bank but I was fortunate enough to sell that around 180 and minimized my loss quantam. In the current downfall, I have added some shares but my portfolio is still down by 30%. I want seniors to please have a look at this portfolio and give their valuable suggestions over the same.

Hi Sumit,

u don’t have any pharma stocks in your portfolio.
u can consider adding Divis, Sanofi and Ipca if they correct.

ur exposure to auto stocks also is high.

Imtiaz Ali


I will definitely add pharma stocks in correction. The reason for high exposure in auto stock is that I recently averaged them in this correction.

Just too many stocks. Would it be possible for you to keep track of the financial results, annual reports and any news of these companies?

All the companies are large enough so might not go bankrupt in this downturn but be mindful of the fact that NBFC’s, banks and automobiles are the most hit during this downturn hence they may take long time to get back on feet so don’t expect any quick gains in the near term.

Stock market is extremely volatile for last 2 months and no one knows what happens tomorrow. I believe current rally is a sucker rally and we might retest bottom again once companies start posting Q4 results and fundamentally nothing has changed in terms of disease spread and economy.

Hi Sumit,

Though good choices but certain sectors like Auto and IT are high on weight here.

Auto- structurally, will take longer time to go back on its old level; not even assured of its old charm. You may think to convert part of it atleast to consumable. i.e. ITC, Godrej Consumer, United Spirits, Varun.

IT - Forex momentum-wise, it will improve but not expected to see the growth; rather de-grow. part of it needs to be moved to bkg…only top 2-3 names and insurance of which portfolio weight is on lower side.

Pharma - can be considered to add in coming days of downturn.

But larger issue is - pick only those sector(s), business of which you can understand easily.

Happy investing!

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Thanks for your valuable suggestions. I will definitely consider it.