My portfolio for a longer term

Hi Guys,

For a while i’ve been trying to get some opinion on my holdings and every since i found out about valuepickr i wanted to know your valuable insights into my holdings …
Kindly take some time out and help me with a review.

NAVNEET EDUCATI : Getting into CBSE with a large South india penetration yet to be tapped into.
T V S MOTOR COM : Tie up with BMW and historically a good company with good visibility in rural areas with the TVS50
FINOLEX CABLES : One of the biggest E.Cable manufactures
CENTURY PLYBOAR : Felt like a good industry w.r.t laminates and MDF
EVEREADY INDUST : Pretty much own the consumer battery market and a foray into LED lightings initiatives by the govt
U FLEX LIMITED: Pretty innovative packaging company, i believe they are experts in flexi packaging which has huge potential in Ecommerce market
TATA MOTORS LTD: Completely home grown and they are coming up with E.vehicles , not really the best choice but seems to be good.
DEEPAK FERTILIS: Largetst IPA manufactures in india and their TAN is also quite penetrated into indian fertilizer market.
KEI INDUSTRIES : Cables for power transmissions is going to become big is what i feel
EXIDE INDUSTRIE : A household name when it comes to all types of heavy duty batteries. at least on volumes they win
VAKANGEE LIMITE : very unique business model is what i felt, with last mile digital connectivity.
BODAL CHEMICALS : dyestuff and dye intermediates are picking up well.
ASAHI SONGWON C : Manufactures of largest quatity of Blue Dyes and dyecast in india, really wide scope .
TRIVENI TURBINE : Plays in the 70-120MW turbine and they seem to be the leaders there.

I’ve tried to explain the decision making to the best of my abilities… I have no formal stock picking training nor am I in anyway aware of number crunching . I’ve learnt it all up and started making investments. So if some of the explanations are a bit weird , kindly bear with me!

I would like to buy more of some of the stocks listed above(research is still on). I would also like to add more (at least 5 more).
So far i’ve taken out some money in profits from these stocks while i continue to find oppurtunites to divest more.Kindly let me know if that would a good option.
I’m a long term investor with at least a 3-5yr timeframe.

Kindly provide your inputs.

Bodal chemicals and Kei are in my portfolio aswell…i think they are both good longterm story.

While reading the AR, I saw that their dye intermediate production grew by just .4% while the revenue is up by good margins.

Now a company that talks so much about being leaders in dye intermediate is having such low output?

An I missing something in understanding?

Banking and NBFCs are missing from your portfolio. Please research and add a couple of them IMHO.

You have many great companies to choose from (all discussed on VP forum here).
Private Large Banks: HDFC, Yes, IndusInd, KMB, ICICI
Smaller Pvt banks: Federal, DCB, CUB, RBL
Gold NBFCs: Muthoot, Manappuram
Diversified NBFCs: Bajaj Finance, Edelweiss, IIFL
Vehicle Loan: Cholamandalam
MFI: Ujjivan, Equitas
HF: Indiabulls, Can Fin, GIC

Disc: Invested in Yes, Bajaj Fin, Indiabulls, Manappuram and intend to invest in some of the mentioned ones if valuations get corrected a bit.

I was waiting for someone to catch that out… :slight_smile:
Yes i dont have any banking /NBFS or any finance related companies and the main reason for that is i just cannot understand from where they are getting loans and how to even read a financial institutions agendas/work.

Since i cannot see where they are getting the money from and where they are lending the money to i’ve stayed away from them so far.

Hi friend,

You are missing Pharma companies too. Pharma sector has been beaten down for some time, and I am hopeful of growth coming back in this sector. So companies with strong fundamental will outperform in such a turnaround of sector. My favorite is Natco Pharma here.

I have Vakrangee in my portfolio and is one of my favorite. As Sameer suggested you must consider adding Banking & Financial stocks to balance your portfolio.

Disc: I am invested in Natco Pharma, Vakrangee, Bajaj Finance and Can fin homes and my views may be biased. Please do your own research before investing in any of these. I am not an expert.

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