My portfolio and presentation

Dear all,
My portfolio has, in the past 1 year, undergone quite a lot of churn. I present my portfolio for guidance from members.
Rationale for investing:

  1. Arihant Capital: I had invested around 1 year back. It delivered healthy returns but underwent a steep correction. Reason for investing is my optimism on financialisation of savings. There’s increased adoption of investing in stocks. Key beneficiary being brokers. There are concerns that customers will migrate to discount brokers. But, their numbers don’t reflect a concerning development. They’ve been growing decently and to derisk they’ve diversified into affordable housing. I don’t intend to exit and enter again because I feel that over the next few years capital market companies could do well. The outperformance of capital market companies will last at the very least till the bull market survives. And, I, am in no position to predict the bull market conclusion.
  2. Reliance Industries- In my portfolio dominated by microcaps Reliance is the only large cap. My investment was based on their massive expansion plans. I do feel their recent businesses will do well over the next few years.
  3. Andhra Petro:
    Investment based on decent demand for oxoalcohols and imposition of antidumping duty which makes products from foreign companies uncompetitive. Andhra Petro being a major chemical producer should be a benficiary of India’s increased consumption.
  4. Cheviot Company: Clean balance sheet, rise of jute based products.
  5. Sinclairs Hotels- Great reviews, clean balance sheet, hotel industry up cycle.
  6. IMFA: An investment based on the steel up cycle because ferro chrome is used for steel production.
    Please guide.
    I’m also attaching a presentation I’ve made.
    My investing strategy.pdf (45.6 KB)