My porfolio allocation

hi, i am a new beginer in stock market. i would like to have view on some of the following stock in my portfolio

|usha martin|1.2|
|sterlite techno|2.72|
|Vodafone idea|7.9|
|LT foods|5|
|Tata investment|4.9|
|Motherson sumi|4.1|
|HDFC life|3.8|
|Suven life|3.5|
|Bharat Dynamic|2.6|
|Jamna Auto|2.1|
|Elpro Internation|2|
what kind of allocation bifurcation i have to do for the long term vision

Try to provide rationale, qualitative and/or quantitative…for each stock. You can create 3 fields against each stock. Measure them on historical quality, valuation, growth. Add your comments on future outlook. You can add momentum near term if you think but that’s not very important. This is a bit of academic exercise, but will help you to have a better selection. Then comes allocation which you can deal later. A equal weight age is also good enough to start with. As you read more of VP, you can allocate basis conviction. Hope this helps you to approach portfolio making systematically.

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