My Long Term Portfolio - Requesting Feedback

Hi ValuePickr Community,

I am using Valuepickr over the last 6 to 7 years. I was first introduced to this community by @Donald. Lately, I have been looking to get feedback to my current portfolio allocation so that I can realign them if needed for any further improvements.

I am more of a bottom up stock picker than a top down one. I am a firm believer of concentration than diversification since it makes sense to bet on companies that we know thoroughly about.

I look forward for your feedback on each of my portfolio stock so that we can learn and grow together.

Looking for your feedback. @hitesh2710 @Donald @ayushmit @dineshssairam @basumallick

Thanks in advance.

Hello. Don’t you think 60.78% of portfolio in one stock is a bit risky? Broadly I think your stock picks are quite good. I think you should exit both Sintex and perhaps add to one of the other stocks. I think you could have a look at: Amrutanjan, Raghav Productivity(my post is at Raghav Productivity Enhancers Limited), PPAP Auto, Sterling Tools. Also, as I am relatively new to valuepickr, I do not know if this is allowed; but if allowed then kindly share your email id, I would like to discuss DHP India as it looks interesting. Hope this helps.
Disc:Not holding any companies mentioned, but tracking all(on watchlist)

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Thanks for your feedback. Sintex is down more than 95% so I felt it doesn’t make any difference between holding or selling. The promoter turned out to be fraudulent due to which it resulted in capital erosion.

You are right, it is down 95% and in fact even your overall allocation now to Sintex is quite negligible. But atleast attempt to sell it off while there is liquidity?

Also, it would be helpful if you could share details on from which year/what average price you are accumulating the stocks? Thanks

I am afraid I cannot share that. I want to stick the allocation and best practices to retain the guidelines of ValuePickr Forum.

Please feel free to raise any red flags or headwinds to the above holdings. Most importantly, I might change my position without any notice.

Thanks in advance.

Good selection of stocks. Oriental carbon is a good company & a market leader but i feel that 60.78% exposure is too high for one particular stock.