My hope portfolio

I am posting my portfolio for feedback and help from fellow investors. I am lazy kind of investor and like to sleep on my stocks most of the time. I tend to book profit only if i have short term capital loss for position that went wrong. Exited long term investments (>3years) in Yes Bank, Crisil, Eicher during last meltdown. I had my share of misses under opto, mcx, fintech, dchl, sks,etc. My current portfolio seems under dire need of restructuring, and hope to get some valuable inputs.

Allocation(%) Gain/Loss
ITC 22.66 1.39%

Bajaj Corp 23.22 25.4%

Navneet 10.8 -9 %

Akzo Nobel 9 -15%

Yes Bank 5.1 0%

Sun TV 4.5 0%

Cash 24

My most of networth is in equities, and so afraid to deal in small cap space.

I am holding/averaging bajaj corp since last 2 years. Most other positions are initiated in last 6/12 months. Current thinking is to look out for dividend payout ratio, and brand name while investing, and i am willing to sit on cash, which wasn’t the case earlier. Most of the stocks in portfolio will face rough weather during next year(s) (bajaj corp - acquisition amortization and slowing volume growth, Akzo due to loss of other income, SunTV governance issue, Navneet opportunity cost etc). Somehow i feel valuepicker stocks are adequately priced compared to broader market, and not able to initiate position yet.


I agree with you about the restructuring part :slight_smile:
When I joined valuepickr I had the same doubts about the entry into a valuepickr stock .All were adequately priced at that point of time .

But I went through individual stock threads ,managements q&as and once I developed conviction I took small dips .As the price kept increasing I increased my allocation and kept averaging .I bought astral,PI,ajanta,kaveri,page when they were near 52 week high and now they are at their new 52 week high .My point is study the stocks ,develop conviction and start taking positions .These are quality of stocks with superior returns and future visibility. Your current portfolio in most likelihood will not not outperform market .

@sourabh,thanks. As you mentioned, valuepickr stocks are at new high now and price anchoring is making difficult to act.

Current Portfolio:
1). Bajaj Corp 22% (plan to bring it down to 10%)
2). Repco 12%
3). Care 12%
4). Accelya 10%
5). Eicher 9%
6). Amara 8%
7). hawkins 7%
8). mcx 5%
9). Atul Auto 4%

All additions (except bajaj corp) are recent with minor gains. Currently exploring poly medicure, shilpa medicare, mayur, avanti from valuepickr lot.

Any suggestions welcome. Thanks.