My growth theme portfolio

this is my portfolio .
i built it just 8 months back .
i have made huge losses because i use to change my thesis owing to market conditions.
i was perfect guy of greed and fear behavior .
my hits and run are on… lets see what happens …?? loss is still on books and profit on screen.
after reading lot of books and sector reports .
1.ASHOK LEYLAND …78 … i was trading in this stock from 24 rs but never kept it for long .thinking was selling winners (booking profit to early) and keeping losers.

NAME                % weightage        AVRAGE RATE 

Ashok Leyland 3.53% 78

Indraprastha Gas Limited 19.19% 532

Balrampur Chini (2) 3.88% 63

Dalmia Sugar (4) 8.40% 57

DCB Bank (2) 2.58% 92.57

Elgi Equipments 2.78% 149

GSFC 2.63% 81.27

Havells India 1.07% 303

Inox Wind (3) 2.32% 353

Interglobe Avi (2) 27.23% 765

Jet Airways (2) 4.65%% 621

SpiceJet 3.32% 68

Syngene Intl (2) 4.77% 299

Tree House 13.64% 178

INDIGO 27.23% bought in ipo .
IGL 19.19% bought on 31 dec 2015
TREE HOUSE 13.64% bought after big fall to 138 and recovered .
DALMIA SUGAR 8.40% increasing capacity initially bought @40

You have 47% of your portfolio in sectors (sugar, airlines) which 90% of the time have destroyed investor money. Unless you consider yourself a good trader/market timer and can manage to get into that other 10% of the time when these sectors have made some money to investors, you should be careful with this outsized exposure.

Looking at your portfolio, I would suggest that you pause trading for a couple of months / year & read some good books on value investing / fundamental investing.
This will help you in a long way.


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@BreakingBad01 @mukesh_gt
thanks for your kind advice .
one may feel i am trading now also …
but what happend with me i was holding India terrain ,atul auto,dhfl,aurobindo pharma.
in which i was not feeling safe. i think sugar sector will see revival in coming qtrs.
i am a agro input dealer .
farmer are not planting cane due to no water in dams this session so ultimately next year there will be less cane available for crushing .
there is a 4 lac ton sugar stock of last year.
for which govt had given intensive for export.
International sugar association and issma had predicted sugar deficit next year.
i will hod this stocks for at least 3 years.

about airline stocks in past there were pries war .
no new player will enter soon …so no harsh pries war.
debt is concern in this sector and which will expand owing to capacity addition.
40-60 % of fuel cost of airline have came down to half.
you can see last qtr results of them …
"past performance is not an indicator of future performance"
i strongly think coming results of airline’s will be best so ultimately …if result are good stocks will just zoom.
i will say buy at least little quantity and wait till results …
…but please guide me when to sell …???
my position in indigo have been dubbeld ??/ what to do ??/

i am holding 4 shares of renuka sugars which i bout @ 84 rs in 2010 which reminds me …
what can happen …if todays prise is 14.60

all feel safe in UPL DHANUKA PI INDUSTRIES etc… .co are holding huge inventories so i dont think result will be good as a dealer i can see huge stocks.
i dont no about kaveri seeds valuation but next year there will be cotton demand.
soyabean rates are coming down …
cotton rates are incresing so farmers will shift to cotton next year.

CITI ON IGL : Decline in LNG price under RasGas contract is positive for volumes.
Regulatory announcements in Delhi augur well for volumes.
Upgrades volume growth forecast to 8% CAGR over FY15-18E.
Maintains Buy, raise target to ₹680 from ₹561:grinning:

Jet Airways reports highest ever quarterly profit of Rs467 crore in Q3