MY First Post and My Folio for Review

i have been a avid reader of teh forum ever since i noticed just 2 months back. Missed the bus for most but its never too late to start again. was active in markets till 2010 and then completely cutoff boooked all losses and again started from june 2017.

Sharing my portfolio . please let me know your comments/feedback both +ve and _ve. I am sitting on 90% cash and only 10% is invested. Given the split of 10% of my folio

Some of them under analysis which is not invested yet
Aditya Birla Money
TGBL want to add more
Future Consumer
Reliance at lower levels
Gujarat Themis

What does “felt a bargain at the price” mean? My honest recommendation is to outsource investing to a fund manager. You need to ask yourself a very honest question - why and how do you think you will be able to beat the fund managers out there?

You should first do a very thorough analysis of the process you are planning to follow and then evaluate the edge that you think you have. I am guessing you are a salaried person in which case you are much better off doing a SIP in a couple of equity funds or maybe balanced funds ( depending on your risk appetite ).


Sandeep ,
First Appreciate your honest feedback . Reg Bargain… All the three mentioned are very large cap and very reputed in their line of business. Have significantly corrected from their highs. They are going through the phase which most companies go through of ups and downs. I may not be right in my approach and that is why i am soliciting feedback from the forum as i what i need to correct. As i said i am only 10% invested and sitting on 90% cash taking on Baby steps to improvise myself.

Hi Sunil,

Good to see that you decided to start slow, maybe a learning from last time. Would suggest you keeping in that way and keep adding in small lots.

I do hold Aurobindo and am positive on it, best in the pharma at the present stage. Cochin Shipyard is a decent play since its one of the few profit making company in its herd.

Hold Infy as well but I am not expecting much from it in the next 1-2 years, more of a defensive play for me. Would suggest adding HCL as well.

Your portfolio lacks exposure to Financial side (RBL Bank, DCB, Reliance Cap, Edelweisse, Dewan Housing etc) and Infrastructure-Defence Sector plays (Reliance Infra, L&T, HCC, Suzlon, Jkumar Infra, Va Tech Wabag, etc) which is very essential if you believe India will be in a better place 5-10 years down the line.

I normally try to average on the way down and hold for 3-5 years at the minimum.

Also would suggest reading “One up on Wall Street” if you haven’t already. Great Book.