My current portfolio..Please comment

Indoco remedies 30%

IL&FS Investment Managers 18%

Astra Microwave Products 12%

Kitex Garments 11%

Mafatlal Industries 10%

Nesco 5%

Repro 4%

Dewan housing finance 3%

Cash 7%

Views invited…

I’m also learning here. I like Astra Microwave & Nesco in your portfolio.

Can you give some highlights on Astra. It would help us understand more about the company and their promoters.


Can you please explain your investment thesis behind some of these picks. Kitex and IL&FS looks new!


Dear Vaibhav

Kitex definitely an interesting play.

Would love to hear if you can throw some lights.


Shanid VH

Dear Vaibhav,

Iam suggesting Shilpa medicare and Ajanta pharma from mid cap space.

Reasons are very well captured in respective threads.

Shanid VH.