My current portfolio after 4 yrs of starting my journey in stocks

Dear Investors, I have started my investing journey through self learning from 2011 via MF and 2016 started in stock market, have made many beginners mistakes, learnt from them and this is my current portfolio. Have seen only one bear and bull cycle (recent one) will make wise decision in future through the learnings I have got in this journey.
I will be always thankful for websites like this, books and YouTube for sharing knowledge

Currently I am investing fig amount in MF, PPF and balance if left invest in stocks or accumulate a lumps and invest whenever any opportunity available

Mutual Fund SIP (Direct-Growth) started in Jan 2020

  1. ParagParikhLongTermEquityGrowthFund : 6k
  2. AxisBlueChipFund : 5k
  3. SBISmallCap : 4k

PPF : 15k per month

Earlier I use to buy sale MF frequently from last 2 yrs have developed patience to hold stocks, MF for long term

Request to give ur suggestion on my portfolio, my age is 33 yrs



Decent portfolio. Couple of suggestions…

  1. Mention the rationale for buying above stocks.
  2. I don’t see any pharma and chemical names. Any particular reason to avoid?
  3. Most of the names in your portfolio is quality except Yes Bank. Although it’s very miniscule percentage but whenever you find opportunity it’s better to sell.

Thank you Dragon for your suggestions.

I had Sun Parma but sold recently as I learned only to hold business which you can understand so sold it.

Yes Bank : I have sold 25% which I hold and balance 75% is blocked for 3yrs will sell than.


Good you caught most of them young. L&T , Bajaj finance and SBI cards are brilliant picks at the bottom.

Yes bank I agree is wait and watch, I’m sure it might be a different story than what it had been.