My 5 Top picks at current market price 12/08/2012

My five top 5 picks at current market scenario

1 FDC Good to buy at 82/83 Hold for minimum 2 years

2CarborundumUniversal Good to buy in small qty at 140/144 and remain invested long. Murgappa Grp company which holds 39 % stake in WENDT is the key issue for a big trigger .Day WENDT is sold to 3 M company gets decent amount kitty. One needs lot of patience to hold this kind of stock.

3 Navneet Publications at 54/55 looks good to add at 54/55 and remain invested for long should give decent gains. Regular dividend and growth is good in this company.Safe bet for long term player.

4 SJVL This stock can be like HAFUS/ALPHANSO Mango plant Buy today at 19/20 and only have a look at the same after 3/5 years. Dividend is mostly there during holding period.

5 Gujarat Pipavport. Good stock to add at 50 Rs .Company is jointly promoted by APM Terminal and good name in infrastructure developments and portdevelopments. May prove good in long run. Current price is at almost IPO price or may be slightly less. Company after 5/6 years have started earning small profits and hope we may see good growth in future.

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SJVN the problem is of growth with no new commissioning of new project in site for next 2 years atleast.but as dividend play it cud be a good bet with fd type of returns. Plus all GOI owned cos suffer from problem of lethargic decision making,inefficiency,corruption,interference etc etc etc. NHPC projects are being delayed by 5 to indefinite period imagine .

thanks manherbhai.

fdc and navneet are on my radar. carborundum seems good as per the trigger u indicated.

sjvn is as you say a very long term bet. If things go right it could be a multibagger. I recall petronet lng at around similar levels of 20 odd in 2004 or so when things did not seem to be going right for it and now it seems to be on the growth track. It has given almost 7-8 times returns plus dividends in these 8 years. For such stocks one needs patience and to have patience to wait, one needs to have the cover of dividend yield which is there in sjvn. dividend of 94 paisa per share gives a dividend yield slightly shy of the 5% mark.

guj pipavav not much idea.

any of the mnc stocks which one should focus on and is on your radar?



Yes Dr Hiteshbhai,

I am fan of MNC and holding from years as stock remains firm in bull market but in bear market same are nothammereddownbrutallydue to limited floating stocks andfundamentalsin most of MNC are reasonably good.

Stock to watch are BOC below 380 Bayer Crop now below 850/860 Ineos Bayer ABS below 650. Honeywell below 2275

Ifcriteriafor de-listing do notchangeand no deviation in dead line June 2013 all mentioned stock looks worth holding or add on decline.

I am also keen to add Elecon below 45 and Banco below 55 as both companies are likely toperformwell in future.

Dear Gautamji,

Unless you have patience for 5 years do not touch or think about Gujarat Pipava or SJVL

That is the reason i haveclassifiedsame as HAFUS/ALPHANSO Mango plant which gives sweet fruits onlyafter5/6 years.

It is like 6 yearsInvestmentsin NSC Certificates


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