Mutual Fund Investment suggestions

Hi. I am planning to start investing in mutual funds now. I am a beginner and young(28). I plan on doing investments as a lump sum and SIP. I plan to invest 5 lakhs via lump sum now and SIP of 20k per month for next 3 years starting this month. I plan to diversify my investments across multiple types of funds by taking moderate risk.

Lumpsum Strategy: Invest 50% across hybrid funds (Kotak Dynamic Bond Fund, Tata Balanced Advantage FUnd) and expect a return of 10-12% over a horizon of 1.5 years. And invest the rest in midcap/smallcap equity funds which have portfolio investments in FMCG, Oil,Aviation and Gold related mutual funds, expecting returns of around 15-17% annualized over a horizon of 3 to 4 years.

SIP Strategy: Play safe by investing in big funds which have portfolios comprising of big, stable companies. Invest in large cap equity funds (Axis Focused 25, Axis bluechip fund, ICICI Prudential Value Discovery fund) over a horizon of 3 years and expect returns of minimum 10-12% annualized.

Please comment on my strategy and any suggestions on which funds (& sectors to focus on) to be invested in for lumpsum and SIP based on the returns I am expecting, would be highly appreciated.

Visit and go through the articles. Spend some time reading and I am sure you will find answers to the questions both asked and unasked.

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Please refer to websites such as , , , etc as they provide more guidance on mutual fund investments. Valuepickr focuses more on direct investments in equity.

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Welcome to investment community … selection of fund based on your risk taking. Mid and small cap fund quite long time underperforming and you need to think little more long term approach this sectors. Last 3yrs non of the fund deliver consistent return 15-17% . So return expectation reasonable depends on market situation. is best place to search MF … lot of videos also posted in free fincal YouTube channel.


Thank you guys for your suggestions.

Goal - Accumulate for kid’s Graduation

Current Age - 3 years

SIPping duration - 10 and then let it grow OR keep Sipping for more years till admission is to be done (15 years) ?

How many MF - 1 or more ?

Which MF(s) ?

MF will be opened in kids name or parents name ?
If kids name, then what is the procedure ?

Anything else that can be suggested!!


Are you aware of basic investing or you are new in this field.
You have selected only Mutual Funds as a source to invest.
You also buy shares of companies, research about a few and invest in them.
You can do sip in mutual funds and buy lump sum amount of shares.
PPF is also an option or other schemes for children are also there if you have children.
I had invested in mutual funds via sip mode and the return received is not at all what is expected.
In PPF and those schemes the interest is fairly average but is consistent.
You can start a sip in mf and also around 10k in ppf.
So one side of income is fully secured and other side will be up and down

Time horizon selected for mid and small cap funds are very less. You may not get the expected return in this timeframe.