MPIL - Do any one have this unlisted share

Before the take over of MPS ( Macmillan Publishing Services) by the current management, the erstwhile management gave the option to the existing shareholders a ) to get the MPIL ( Macmillan Publishers India Limited) shares in 1: 1 ratio b ) to get the equivalent cash. I preferred option a ) and have few shares of MPIL . However MPIL shares are unlisted and traded in the market. It remains as a paper as of now and the registrars , M/s CAMS informed that at any time the same can be converted against cash on a pre fixed rate.

Does any body have MPIL Shares ? What is the future ? Should I hold or exit. Solicit views from the forum.


M Sivakumar

Just out of curiosity - have you been getting financial results for this entity? If yes, can you share them?

Mr. Tushar

I am neither getting dividend nor the results. I just own a piece of paper. That’s it.