Mother of bull markets is ahead of us: Jhunjhunwala

Seems like RJ is super-bullish on India and Indian equity going forward.

RJ is always bullish on indian markets whenever he comes on tv.

markets always run on optimism especially when we seem to be 20-30% higher from bottom. Most of fundamental analysts and technical analysts are now bullish.

One thing I have always maintained is one needs to focus 90-95% on the company in question and worry 5-10% about where markets are headed.

Lynch always maintained it is always a good time to invest irrespective of where market stands provided you can find a good company to invest in at reasonable valuations.


Hi Hitesh,

This info can’t be used for selecting stocks, that is quite clear to me. But what this info (along with other similar indicator) can be used for re-balancing one’s portfolio across asset class (equity, MF, fixed income, gold, real estate).

When big guys are bullish, govt is at its pathetic form, world micro-economics situation is quite pessimistic, commodity price are posed for a stagnation or falling, to me equity as a class (the one’s at least we discuss in valuepickr, not just average sensex stocks) should give better return going forward as compared to other asset class.

So to me, it make sense to increase exposure to equity as compared to other asset class.

Do let me know if you disagree with it

Even when market was near 5000levels RJ was bullish. He has always maintained that he is super bullish on India & I personally dont think RJ is the kind of guy who will try to mislead you into something.

RJ is again bullish again now, He says we are at early stage of a bull run and even compares it to 2003

But if we take a step back and see RJ’s superbullishness on India has really paid off.
If we were in some other economy, maybe more neutral investor would have been more successful.
RJ is always 100% invested.
RJ goes for debt when he see’s market has gone down and there is upside opportunity.
RJ believes large caps would give better returns than small and mid caps, probably because now RJ has too big capital to even look at microaps. His portfolio will perform proportinate to macros and not by finding pockets of growth in microcaps.

Three of his major holdings are largecaps today.
If we look at these three companies last 15 years:
titan = 407/5.7 = 71.4 bagger
crisil = 2129/60.3 = 35.30 bagger
lupin = 1546/4.6 = 336.1 bagger
There have been a lots and lots of 100 baggers in last 15 years, but these three gets the limelight as they are in RJ’s portfolio.

I am not saying anyone who would have started with similar capital in late 80s or early 90s and remained superbullish on India for 30 years would have been equally successful, but @hitesh2710 don’t you think this supperbullishness of RJ on India have given him an edge over more conservative investors of his era ?