Most popular screens, and screens which gave highest returns year-to-date?


Is there a plan to provide info on the “most popular screens” (The ones that get the most number of visits on this site) ?

Also, would it be helpful to show the % return for the screens YTD, like some paid screeners shows?


Thanks Suhas. Both are pertinent questions.

1). Yes, we will do that once we have a bigger user base.

2). Screener performance - As you know, we are still refining the main screens - even our interpretation of Guru Screens. We also are going through a process of due diligence of these screens by a set of senior investors. So we will take some time while we zero down on the most useful screens (probably even look to back-test data), before we start indicating performance returns for any of the current screens.

Perhaps 6 months to a years data will be needed before we can start indicating performance returns.



Yeah top performers list will be great, what is the state today, I couldn’t find anything searching all post, but to me what is more important is if you have numbers around average performance by screeners in this forum.
I am kind of newbee who is aiming to benchmark and get a return better than atleast half of the people in this forum.