Morningstar Investment Conference 2017

Hi friends, just like to know if it is worth attending this Morningstar Conference to be held at Mumbai in October 2017. Has anybody attended the previous conferences and was it helpful. Kindly give your inputs.
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Some of video clip available on you tube, you can watch that and decideā€¦but joining these event enhance your knowledge.

Thanks Tanveer , will check it out

Hi, I am unable to find these. Can you put the link out please?

Try this

Attended the Conference which was well organised with utmost importance to timing and duration of the presentations. The target audience are the MF & stock advisers . Hardly any investors in the conference sessions. But I found it useful as it enhanced my knowledge .

Can you please share any notes if you taken of conference

I did not take any notes
You can refer the videos of the presentations which was shared on 25th October 2017 on their Facebook page
Hope it was useful