Monthly Mutual Fund data - AMFI

AMFI - Association of Mutual Fund of India release monthly data of sale, purchase & redemption of different category of Mutual fund at this link

For the month of September AUM of Equity Schemes (Excluding Arbitrage Fund) is 6.63L crore compared to 7.13L crore in Aug-18.

so, the data suggest an overfall of AUM in Equity mutual fund schemes in September 2018.

AMFI also release net inflow/outflow into various schemes. Below is net inflow data for month of September-18 in Equity Scheme

I could not understand if there is net inflow of funds in Equity category of Mutual funds, how AUM is showing a net decrease?

This is due to drop in NAVs…assets got cheaper!


Actually, most of the MF’s are down around 10% in last one month. Hence, if you reduce the AUM by 10% to compare, you shall see an increase.

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I second that. This is the life of Mutual Fund: When ball drop hard, it bounces higher.
Blessed are those who got deducted in crash time.