Moneylife Foundation - Excellence in Corporate Governance

Hi Friends,

I came across this initiative by Moneylife Foundation - Recognising Excellence in Corporate Governance and i feel its an excellent initiative.

If we want the markets to progress and minority shareholders be treated well, we need more awareness around corporate governance and one of the ways is to recognize and reward the companies that are doing well on this parameter.

I personally feel, the focus should be more on smaller cos which are doing something extra vs the norm and maybe we can send our nominations along with reasons for the same.

One has to just email the names along with reasons at



As per the Moneylife awards video, there are 11 Semi finalists.
Any one knows who are the 6 semifinalist other than below 5 finalists?

Natco Pharma - Winner
Thejo Engg - Runner up
Suven Pharma
KPR Mills