Momentum Portfolio-TechnoFunda Picks

Lots of ups and downs in this portfolio in this correction- but the technical structure remains bullish in most of the picks- so no change as of now.

Now correction seems to over , RSI is back way below 70s- we have at least 1000-1200 points journey ahead. Let’s see whether we need to change anything on coming Friday.
( usual fortnighly review)

It is very much lagging.

If technical structure breaks down beyond repair.

Can you please update current value for understanding purpose.

I only do it on fortnightly basis. I am not a day trader.

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Stocks on watchlist , if I need to make any changes in the above picks :pray:

Gujarat Gas
Shriram Transport Finance
Canara Bank
Coal India
Godrej Properties
Kolte Paitl

Let’s see what goes out and what comes in on the basis of Friday closing. Or no need to change.


why Gujarat Gas…its momentum looks weak and it has already corrected 15% or so

The stocks in this watchlist are in different stages - some are ready to shoot, some are already in momentum and some might come into momentum.

For example- Gujarat Gas might be near to its bottom or another 20-30 rupees downside is still left in it.

I would wait for my set-up to give me a buy signal only then i would enter ( for example - my set-up for Godrej Porperty, GSFC,Kolte Coal India is shouting buy from Monday morning itself. so I acted on those set-ups …as far as this momentum portfolio is concerned, i am keeping a discipline of only doing the changes once in fortnight )

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What is the price range for stocks on your watch list

Here are the proposed changes to be done today (fortnightly revision )

HDFC Life to be replaced by SBI Life
Sundram Fasteners to be replaced by Eicher
Kopran to be replaced by Tata Motors
Fairchem Organics to be changed to BirlaSoft

Would update theh notional table by evening after doing the transactions.


Hello @RadheyShyam_Aggarwal
What is the current status of your portfolio? Would like to know the performance over the last few weeks and changes made.

@RadheyShyam_Aggarwal No posts here since a long time…any updates?

@RadheyShyam_Aggarwal hello? What’s the status post this bearish phase?

So now the worst phase of the bear market has statrted … came to 90% cash last week.

Been following thread, are you still in cash ?

Any updates on portfolio? Which stocks are you tracking currently?