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I have IEX, HDFC Life and Infoedge in my momentum PF from this list…made 18% in last 2 weeks

I follow the same approach like you. But here I disagree. As per my view, it has taken monthly support and I think the momentum has started. I follow a very unique Technical Analysis system based on Price Action and absolutely no other indicators. My experience is good. Lets see may be you are right :grinning:

How is Skipper. Weekly C&H BO retest and bounce from 80 levels. Looks like a 150rs candidate. 60% upside with 8% SL at 80


SKIPPER - I also feel the same.

Technical Analysis -

  1. Formed an Inverted Head & Shoulder after an long downtrend.
  2. Volumes at Breakout levels were good.
  3. Successfully started upward movement after retest.
  4. Good buying volumes are coming in.
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Skipper looks good. If i was buying it, i would take a small position now, but would add more once it crosses its recent high.

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Gentleman-No one is competing with you. May be you are the best technical analyst in this whole world.
Please check the thread, it was nowhere said that your suggested stock can not go up. I am just saying that I don’t intend to add it in my portfolio due to fundamental related concerns. Please understand the philosophy behind this portfolio before adding any comment. Thanks

Hi As per my Technical Analysis, it has taken weekly support and it is on its way up. I would have added 50% at R1 . Now one can add more or enter at R2. If R2 is sustained , it can make a new high. Pl see the attached chart.

OK boss GPIL latest results are too good and that is an excellent pick by you. Thanks for it and it will be on my radar for entry. Please see the chart. I would rather wait for the monthly support to be tested what I mean is it go down that level and then bounce back. Price Action. Adding at monthly support is also good for investment for MT/LT.


Company is India’s largest and world’s only Integrated Transmission & Distribution company having its own Structure rolling, manufacturing, Tower Load Testing Station & Transmission Line EPC

• Key Performance Highlights of Q1FY22

  1. From July’21 all of the manufacturing units are operating at pre-COVID level of production.
  2. Secured new order inflow of Rs 4,500 million during the quarter mainly for export supplies; Made inroads into the high potential Asia-pacific market with 2 large power utilities.
  3. Forayed into the field of International EPC works ; Bagged its 1 st International contract in Nepal.
  4. Secured its first ever telecom tower orders for North America; Gained entry into the 2-3 newer market geographies
  5. Added New products in the polymer pipe segment - Launched wide range of bathroom fittings and PTMT under the Skipper Pipes brand
  6. T&D Order Book well diversified between Power Grid, Domestic SEB / Private players and international
  7. Secured new export orders in excess of Rs 2,490 million during the quarter and Rs 3,700 million in the past 4 months.
  8. Commodity price movement have plateaued and became range bound now, Customers have now accepted this price shift - resulting in finalization and awarding of long pending order with them
  9. Expecting International Ordering & Execution to gain pace in H1 FY’22
  10. In advanced Stages of negotiation to secure some good size International contract.

• Shareholding

  1. 71.89% of shares are held by Promoters
  2. 9.76% by FII
  3. Only 17% is available for Retails

• Futures Growth

  1. Positioned to grow exports to 50% of engineering revenue in current year (FY’22) and to 75 % in next 2 years.
  2. Certified by prominent international organizations for confidence-enhancing certifications
  3. Working with over 100 Global EPC player ; Enlisted 10 prominent customers in past 12 months
  4. With in-house design capability and human capital, we are able to add more value into the projects we bid, offering innovative, bespoke and cost-effective design solutions.
  5. First-time order and enquiries from USA, Germany, Spain, South Korea, Uruguay, Paraguay, Romania, Croatia, Mexico, Panama, Bolivia, Poland, Afghanistan, Russia, Australia and East African countries among other
  6. Strong Anti-Chinese Sentiment and gradual decoupling from China is also causing many projects to seek alternative supply chains, giving further fuel to business potential coming our way

• Telecom Sector Opportunities

  1. India needs around 100,000 additional towers to address growth
  2. National Telecom Policy aims to inspire $100 bn investment in five years
  3. Expansion of 4G, 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Internet of things and M2M among others are driving the need for more towers



Skipper looks good. Sound fundamental, Good level. How are you planning to execute the trade?

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As mentioned earlier, the likely changes to be made today in following Momentum portfolio

Heranba with IIFL Finance, Torrent Power with GPIL

And HIL with Sundram Fastener

No change after that at least for 15 days.

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OCCL is the new addition today. It has given BO. Very good fundamental stock

I have no idea why my posts keep getting flagged. All i did was add my chart link from Trading view


May I just clarify, your time period for changing/substituting stocks is about 15 to 30 days. Is that correct?

Can you talk about your system? How does it work, hit rate etc? Thank you

Latest Update after the changes made on Monday.

1. Harenba with IIFL Finance 2. Torrent Power with GPIL 3. HIL with Sundaram Fasteners 4. Ion Exchange with India Hotel

1st 3 were sold at a small loss on Monday prices, that’s why alloted money to new names looks lesser ( from original allotted money of 66667 per script i.e 10 lacs notional money divided equally among 15 techno funda picks in this notional model)

All tracking details are given at the bottom of the image (please do read those carefully)

System is simple :pray:

  1. Have a list of fundamentally strong companies . Reason for chosing fundamentally strong companies is to avoid any black swan events ie. if market crashes due to certain reason, these compnies can be kept in core portfolio as they would recover faster when market recovers.

  2. Keep tracking the stocks on this list on technical analysis basis and buy where technical triggers are there

  3. Review after 15 days and exit those where technical set-up seems to be either failing or not working as per expectations. Replace them with new names from the list where technical set-up looks more attractive, Point is to make maximum from fundamentally strong companies during momentum.


Since you mentioned this, would you mind also sharing a picture of the charts and what setup you have identified, rather than just stating what you have added/exited? Thank you.

I use the following :pray:

I usually work on weekly charts for 2-3 months for momentum picks ( that’s why the minimum time to see initial results is 15-45 days)
These are very simple and layman’s tools. And anyone can learn these on the internet for free, you just need practice for 6-9 months. And in a bull market, these work better & faster than in a bear or a side-ways markets.

  1. Channel along with moving averages ( 20 SMA, 50 SMA)
  2. Price-Patterns along with MACD Cycle
  3. Elliot Waves

IIFL please look at monthly charts. It has a big hurdle around 315. Myself not convinced about this. I may be wrong but this is my view after my analysis. I do what my system says. I and my system can be wrong :grinning: