Model ValuePickr portfolio on moneycontrol

Dear Admin,

Thank you for providing this amazing platform to learn more about stocks. I have a small suggestion. Why dont we create a portal on moneycontrol which we can use to actively view the current model portfolio. This will allow everyone to view at any point what the ideal allocation to each stock at each time is. It will be like a online and live portfolio where the admin trades based on market movements. Ofcourse a token sum of 1 lakh/1 crore ruppees as the portfolio amount can be used on moneycontrol. What is more important is the allocation ofcourse as opposed to the actual sum.

Please tell me what you think,



Is it possible to create publicly viewable portfolio in moneycontrol (or even any site like google finance etc).

Its simple. A portfolio can be created and then the username and password can be shared with everyone.


I have used both moneycontrol and money.rediff.


I find rediff more good. It is much much faster than moneycontrol. MoneyControl has lots of ads and unwanted stuff on page. Loading is very slow.



Why not create portfolio in google finance? It has cleaner interface and no ads.