Methanol Engine/Methanol blend

While Hydrogen IC engine and Hydrogen fuel cell are making frequent news in mainstream media, silently few are are testing Methanol engine. Ashok Leyland in collaboration with IISc built a prototype of 100% Methanol engine. Test results seems to be promising. We already saw an Indian Railways locomotive running on Methanol engine based on collab with IOCL. Nice to see Indian government being technology agnostic when it comes to Powertrain mix. Niti Aayog too is involved in this Methanol engine.
So I would say it’s nice to keep some Methanol companies in radar. Eg. GNFC, Vinati Organics etc.,


Methanol/ ethanol technology in IC engines are as old as 50 years.

But the point is the process in which methanol is made ?
is there any carbon emission?
For example if it is made from Coal or Natural Gas , then it is not sustainable and there will be no takers.

But if there are other process which does not involve carbon emissions , then there will be many takers.

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Cost and forex can be another reason to push it. Ofcourse availability / manufacturing capacity will be a factor as well.
India is net importer of methanol.

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EV including we had technology more than 50 years. The question is how actively they are pushed now. Gadkari is pushing for 15% blend of Methanol in Diesel to reduce logistics cost. I can now say that for sure OEMs are testing this already. I am not making a political statement here but Gadkari is a go getter( Direct jump from BS4 to BS6 , Ethanol blend increase are examples) …he will go for it given the same portfolio if this same party comes to power. I wouldn’t say one needs to invest now but just keep this in mind. That’s exactly how I caught Praj earlier when the news of Ethanol blend increase appeared some where in some news article. It took almost a year for this news to catch attention of investors and then sugar stocks and Praj started moving rapidly. Just my thought. Counter arguments why this Methanol blend will not take off is most welcome…

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The theme world over is “No carbon emission” for sustainable energym If alternate technology involves “no carbon emission” , then yes it will fit in to the scheme of things of the whole world including India. or else it would be short lived.

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To the best of my knowledge, Currently GNFC vinati organic make methanol out of Natural gas & Or Coal and there is carbon emissions involved. Further both natural gas and coal are non renewable form of energy.

But there is a way , if Bio gas is used to produce methanol , then it can be a promising renewable fuel. But Bio gas production is still at a nascent stage Thermax very recently got a order for bio gas … Logistic and distribution of Bio gas need to be established
otherwise , Methanol ethanol are well established as Automobile fuel.

You may please read the post below if you have not gone through

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