Merely posting a query/pointing to a current Opportunity?


If you are merely asking a query on a company/pointing to a current market opportunity/contrarian bet for a company not being discussed in-depth at ValuePickr, the best place for that is inCompany Q&Asection.

Please use discretion while initiating threads. You should initiate any company thread under Stock Opportunity (Special Situations, or any other) only if you are ready to build/present the case for it - and then invite for discussion.

Thanks for your co-operation. This way we may be able to keep up the in-depth discussion quality levels (ValuePickr is known for), at the same time allow considerable creative/intellectual freedom, but at appropriate designated places.

We encourage everyone to present a case and ask the most basic to in-depth queries, but at appropriate designated places.ValuePickr is evolving rapidly. Seek your co-operation to keep our valuable community vibrant and high-quality, with high-energy:).