Menon bearings- company with good prospects

Market Cap.: ₹ 363.80 Cr.
Current Price: ₹ 77.90
Book Value: ₹ 12.06
Stock P/E: 21.98
Dividend Yield: 1.28%
Face Value: ₹ 1.00
Listed on BSE and NSE
Company Website
52 Week High/Low: ₹ 89.90 / ₹ 38.60
PEG Ratio: 1.21
Return on assets preceding year: 24.90%
Inventory turnover ratio: 10.51
Return on capital employed: 40.23%
Return on equity: 31.64%
Average return on equity 5Years: 24.22%
Industry PE: 0.00
Sales growth 5Years: 6.94%
NPM preceding year: 11.18%
Change in promoter holding 3Years: 0.00%
Unpledged promoter holding: 74.67%
Pledged percentage: 0.00%
Current ratio: 2.76
Interest Coverage Ratio: 18.03
Dividend Payout Ratio: 31.36%
Price to book value: 6.46
Average dividend payout 3years: 34.38%
Working Capital to Sales ratio: 0.20%
Days Receivable Outstanding: 90.88
Operating cash flow 10years: ₹ 70.07 Cr.
Profit growth 10Years: 21.74%
Profit growth 5Years: 18.11%
Average return on capital employed 5Years: 28.30%
Sales growth 7Years: 14.23%
OPM 5Year: 20.34%
OPM 10Year: 20.13%
EPS: ₹ 3.54
Return on assets 5years: 20.54%
Days Payable Outstanding: 70.08
Debt to equity: 0.24
Earnings yield: 7.39%
Days Inventory Outstanding: 46.95
Sales growth 10Years: 15.57%
Debt 3Years back: ₹ 19.74 Cr.
Debt 5Years back: ₹ 21.53 Cr.
Number of equity shares: 4.67
Sales last year: ₹ 111.38 Cr.
Net profit preceding 12months: ₹ 14.89 Cr.

Friends this is my first thread on valuepickr.Pls correct me if i am wrong somewhere.
Was just going thr this small company based at kolhapur,maharashtra near my town of ichalkaranji.
I found out the return ratios outstanding and consistent.The managment seems to be efficient and transparent looking at their numbers.They have recently announced a capex of 35 crs. in coming financial year which i read in toi ,kolhapur edition.
what conclusions can we draw from the above wheather it is a good investment candidate…

dic- not invested


You have only provided the numbers & ratios that can be obtained from any website.

The post should be one with comprehensive research & provided with details for investment rationale & risks.

Kindly do the needful.


Your content is not sufficient enough to start a new thread on a company. You need to edit the first post by putting more work on it to meet the same. Till then this thread is closed for new posts.