Megatherm - Mega Opportunity

@Mohit_baid but I don’t think Megatherm is going be a strong beneficiary of steel capex, most players are going to build capacities using BOF route rather than EAFs because there isn’t much steel scrap available. Also as I said, the market for induction furnace itself is very small so room for growth is very little.

Disclosure - I’m invested already but was looking to significantly increase position size and researching before doing that.

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With CO2 emissions going up… what is the alternative to steel production without coal? Is induction the only option?


Revenue +18%
Net profit +87%

Revenue +8%
Net profit +55%

Expected better revenue growth but the bump in Profits/OPM made up for it.

Hey can you enlighten us by describing TAM and opportunity size of this electrical induction melting / heating furnance !! any listed player? competitors ?

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That $85M is supposed to be by how much the industry will grow by I think, not the entire market size

WIth Kacholia entering, business scalability is proven in emerging Steel and ancillary scenario.

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