MCA Website: What kind of Information available & Procedure for same

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I go to MCA site quite regularly. The procedure is that you create a login (registered user). Once you have logged in you can go inside the website and click on ‘View Public Documents’. This wil take you to a page where you can enter company name and the workflow takes you to a page where you pay 100 Rs to access that information. I have used the website for following to get information about public/private/subsidiary companies, their resolutions, shareholder details, incorporation, name changes, bank loan approvals. You can get a lot more information about the company directors, auditors etc.

Another alternative is


I would personally suggest using Tofler. Its easy and gives a host of information. Have been using it since quite some time and the data is always accurate

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Somehow landed on this website while searching for a top shareholder in a company:- - It’s a paid site

It has quite useful information (screenshot below).

Negative - Some of this information is easily available for free and they’re even charging for that.