Market Outlook

)- I am following Value Picker since 1 year and Now I am become huge fan of this site. I am posting my thoughts in this section (which I am not sure is good idea or not but I am bit crazy to put my thoughts, sorry for Admin of the site )

Some thoughts on Market Outlook

Why Consumer performing and People Missed the train ?


)- Some background themes running in Mkt. As per some analysis, if india become trillen $ economy than per capitia income incrise by 30-40k per family and consumer spending incrised by 40-50% in next 2-3 yrs

)- Commodity price going down, It’s known fact for MKT now but does it become stable or keep going down, that analysis we have to do b4 MKT do

)- Prefer stock pick as priority wise ( High RoE, RoCE and Diversified biz model considered for my pick )

Emami)- Diversified Portfolio which can make it strong biz model

Britannia)- Current Margine is very poor but chances are very high for improvement

Eicher)- Now I consider this in consumer play. If Volvo/Commercial Vehical pick up than this stock goes up n up


R we really in Bull Market ? If yes than 1 year of Bull MKT is over…What is Next ? ( Billion $ Que)

**-**What happens in 1 year, which stock participate in 1st Stage in Bull MKT that someone need to find very throwly. ( some stock run just like that but 30-40% stocks r dark horse among them, You have to find them for Stage 2 Run)

)- The stocks which fall into 30-40% ( which I am telling as dark horse ) and they become 3-4X, those stock gives again 3-4X in Stage 2 for sure

)- Remember that MKT discount 5 yr in 3 yrs, and we are in 1.2 yr stage. MKT never wait for 5 yrs EPS growth to come on paper

)- Preferred Pick Yet to be analyze.

Share your pick for Second Que



just to add my two points …

1). never say never in market.

2). the reason for stock to fall 30-40% is eps AND for them to become 3-4x is also eps

… stage of bull run are words best avoided they just add confusion and result in irrational thinking.

eps growth and valuation are worrisome enough…