Manjunath.c.a’s (CAMS) PORTFOLIO

Hello All,

Let me share my Stock Market Story to fellow members of ValuePickr’s, Started my Stock Market journey from 2010 as I was in IT Industry(Most of the PPL talk about Stock Market).

In 2010, One of Stock Investor/Trader by name Rudra Murthy who used comes in TV9 pulled by interest into Stock Market. I used to follow him to become stock market trader. He used to provide Trainings on Stock Market/Intraday and F & O. Attended all of his trainings to become Trader. Later, Me and One of friend wanted to crack Intraday Secrets by doing all kinds of formulas in Excel and used to predict the Price on Intraday. Initially by Luck, I used to make some money by Shorting on Wockhardt Pharma. This Went on for Some Days and I used to Make Minimum 1000 Rs on Intraday. Then On Infosys Result Day I thought I’m Going to Short and make some Money but it went Opposite and I Lost Nearly 10k and On the Other Day Similar thing happened in TATASTEEL Where I lost 8K. Both These Losses was huge for me and Started thinking that I made some mistake and somebody suggested you can make money in F & O and not in Intraday. Later I went to Learn F & O Hoping that I will something in Stock Market. After That Due to Insufficient Funds available for F & O I left Trading (Lost Confidence on Stock Specific Intraday).

Parallelly I used to Invested In stocks. My First Stock was NHPC which was purchased in IPO and then Some of my Colleagues used to suggest Penny Stocks and used to buy thinking that I will become multibagger in future but all turned down and went into Losses.

Later In the Year 2016, One of Colleague Suggested ValuePickr Forum, from then I was a Silent reader of this Forum. Started Thinking of Building my Portfolio.

Following Coffee Can Investing/Peter Lynch Investing Style.

Will Keep this Portfolio At least for 10 years to reap benefits. Will Do SIP on Regular Basis.

I Wanted to Less Risk Portfolio Hence Added More IT/FMCG & PHARMA Sectors in my Portfolio.


Here is my Portfolio. Please Provide your Valuable Inputs.

Portfolio.xlsx (12.2 KB)

MINDA INDUSTRIES AUTO Best Management/Auto Ancillary Parts
INDIGO AVIATION Good Management/Best Service Provider in Airlines for India
CDSL BANKING/FINANCE No Brainer Investment
ICICI BANK BANKING/FINANCE Next Best Bank after HDFCBANK/Tracking Position only.
HAVELLS FMEG Good Management/Lot of Good Quality products available
DABUR FMCG Defensive Stock.
MARICO FMCG Defensive Stock.
HAPPIEST MINDS IT Betting on Digital/Tracking Position Only.
TCS IT Best In IT Services Industry
INFOSYS IT Best In IT Services Industry
HCLTECH IT Tracking Position Only
TECHMAHINDRA IT Tracking Position Only
ASIAN PAINTS PAINTS Best In Paint Industry
BERGER PAINTS Second Best in Industry.
AJANTA PHARMA PHARMA Tracking Position Only.
CAPLIN POINT PHARMA Screened form Screener. Best Past Performance
GRANULES PHARMA Tracking Position Only
SUVEN PHARMA PHARMA Screened form Screener. Best Past Performance
SYNGENE PHARMA Best Management/CRAMS Player/Invested since IPO

i mostly have a suggestion to make here.

Suven Caplin granules ajanta - Your picks in pharma are good if the whole pharma sector catches tailwind for next 10 years. And i would suggest not to take an overweight 10Y view in pharma.
Syngene Laurus management will give u more stability for 3-5Y for sure.

Asian Paints berger - only keep 1 which is market leader. And keep buying such stocks whenever there is pessimism in the sector.
TechM is not a bet u would want to take as the management is upto the mark - they lost their biggest customer british telecom coz they did a very sad job at that. British telecom took over on the techM business from them. TCS Infy HMinds are ok bets. Hcltech can be replaced with some ER&D play ie Elxsi or LTTS. ER&D as a sector has more growth ahead of them which gives a more probability of getting it right.
Dabur marico - are good ones - very high PE stocks. Might need to see the competition.

Banks are all good CDSL CAMS both are good too

I really liked minda - possibly the best one of the lot in ur pf

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Thanks for the suggestion.
On Pharma, you are right… I will exit some if there results are bad for couple of quarters.
TechM and HCLtech - will replace with LTTS or ELXSI.
Thanks for your time…

I think before replacing HCL with TATA Elxsi, why you chose HCL in the first place. ER&D is also available in HCL alongwith traditional Service business…So its a more diversified business in my view.

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Thanks for the Suggestion. As of now, Added HCL & TECHM as Tracking Position Only. Will study HCL/TECHM/LTTS/ELXSI further before adding it.

Yes. Thats my point. Just because somebody said something, dont directly take the decision of buy and sell. Anybody can say anything, including me. You need to dig deeper into the company, see if it makes sense to invest in it and then go ahead.
Also since I am invested in HCL and TCS , LTI and Infosys, if you study any of them, let me know your study and whats your views on them.

That’s True. Sure… Thanks Again.