Mangalam Organics - A growth Story Ahead

Hi, I am new to this forum. So please pardon mistakes if any. I have been following this stock for quite a some time.
About the company (Copied form its website)
Mangalam Organics Limited (Formerly Dujodwala Products Limited) is a BSE listed company (stock code 514418) and are Prime Manufacturers of Camphor, Resin and Sodium Acetate. The company has a strong foothold in the pine chemicals Industry through its management who has been in the field for over 50 years. Mangalam Organics Limited is a government recognized export house with customers in Europe, USA, Africa and the Middle East

Manufacturing plant was established in 1996 at Kumbhivali, Mumbai. Over the years the company has successfully increased its production, augmented its sales reach and maintained its superior quality for which it is renowned. Going forward Mangalam Organics Limited will continue to strive and innovate to meet the growing requirements of its valued customers.

Mangalam Organics Limited employs highly qualified and trained personnel to monitor, maintain and grow its manufacturing and sales activities of our various products(Camphor, Resin, Sodium Acetate, etc.).
Around 75% of the revenue is derived from the sale of camphor. Intially camphor was sold by the company as a commodity but recently company has ventured in to marketing and distribution of camphor as room freshner and Puja-ingredient. Response to this product is good from the consumers as can be seen from Amazon. Company has also recently announced buyback @Rs 230/share in whih promoters are not participating.
Disclosure: I have a tracking position in this stock