Mandatory Readings in a year

I am a new investor and would like to know regarding reading sector reports, do we need to read every quarter or yearly also can you suggest me some good sector reports providers, along with these reports, any other investment magazines, journals. Any other readings (other than books) regularly on a monthly basis or yearly basis which are very informative and help in making better investments and finding opportunities.

I will contribute my little knowledge to this matter. I was a full-time investment analyst in a mutual fund and entered the industry in 2007. However from 2012-15, I was not likely a active follower of markets which I am again now however in my personal capacity also as I invest.
While information is seeked hungrily and maybe rightly so, however knowledge needs to be differentiated from information. It maybe more helpful to assimilate accurate information in your variables, keep the relevancy in perspective and filter it through the time-tested and entrenched principles of investing.

My suggestion is to keep abreast by reading 2-3 financial newspapers. However if you wish you can start reading magazines such as Bloomberg business week or Economist only for gaining light on the darker corners of the world. Some good blogs are :; farnamstreet; investlikethebest etc.

Investing books are important and they are the only which may matter on a regular basis. My Top 5 for a beginner in stock markets can be these: ‘You can be a stock market genius’, ‘Financial statement analysis - Martin Fridson’, ‘One up wall street- Peter Lynch’, ‘Little book that builds wealth’, and ‘Essential Buffett’. I am choosing these books as a basic line up for a beginner investor curriculum.

Also this forum may provide you avenues to understand how to do analysis on some companies that you are already studying or wish to study. Their Annual reports, Concall transcripts and IR presentations have wealth of information to synthesize and analyze.

Hope this was helpful


Can someone suggest a good book that explains how to evaluate real estate companies?

It is going to be long journey. Rather than learning about multiple sectors why don’t you pick up one sector (your favourite one) and try to identify 3 top companies and for these 3 companies pick last 3 years annual reports and read them in sequential order. That is 9 reports to read. See what you understand out of it and how far you are away from making some sense of them. Having understanding of finances, cash flow, balance sheet etc are also required for you to have good start. Good wishes.