Management/promoter salary

Dear all

To seek for honest, trustworthy & capable management/promoter is every investor’s dream. Among the factors that can could be used to assess these qualifies is the salary drawn by the promoter.

The idea of this thread is list promoters who receive no or token remuneration.

  1. Dr. A. Velumani, Chairman, Managing Director & CEO, Thyrocare Technologies
  2. Vikas Oberoi, Chairman & Managing Director, Oberoi Realty


Good starting point. Generally, promoter salary should be evaluated in context to overall profitability of the company. While it is an important input in company analysis, too much reliance on it can produce false signals. The promoters deserve to exhaust compensation threshold set by companies act, if organization earnings are consistently better than expectations.

On the flip side, there could be a case where optically remuneration number looks low, but money leakages are taking place through other routes. More ever, a promoter can avoid being part of board of directors and continue to draw salary higher than the usual.