Management Meet for Future outlook of business

If i find XYZ company interesting for Long term investment and wanted to invest large chunk in that company. For that one would want to meet management personally to discuss future growth plan of the company. what is requirement to meet management of any company -

we should hold stock in that company to meet them ?
Is management is liable to answer any type of query if we ask them ?
what if management is not ready to meet or discuss future outlook even if he is liable ?
Any other input from VP members are invited.


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Hi @Jitendra
It is perfectly alright even if you don’t own the stock you can poses yourself as prospective buyer, but it depends on the management to give you time to meet or not But my suggestion is to contact their investor executive.
1 You can find the contact details of investor relation officer in most of the company’s Website Investor section. You can call them.
2 Secondly once you shoot an email with your questions to the investor relation officer .if they respond you and still you are not satisfied You may ask them to give you appointment .Before that You should clearly your intension to meet them in person .
Try to ask open ended questions such as
1 How you should project your company’s sale in next two to three years
2 what are the planned procedure you are going to adopt to lower the and cost of production.
3 what are the main 3 things that your business had edge on your competitors
Devise your question focusing on
• Profitability
• Operational performance
• Future prospects of business and existing competition
• Management outlook toward the value addition towards the small share holders
• what are the chances that the business is going out of favor in next 10 years due to technological disruption
Best wishes

I would try to answer your questions based on my experiences in last couple of years.

Note: Many companies whose management is not so willing to talk have created huge wealth, so one should not judge them based on only one parameter of they open to meet or not