Mahindra Lifespace Developers Limited

Mahindra Lifespace Developers (MLF) is the Real Estate company of Mahindra group. The company benefits from the strong pedigree, brand name, trust and reputation of the Mahindra group. We also believe that over last few years, the company has shaped and executed its business strategy very well, positioning it for strong revenue and earnings growth, as well as market share gains over the coming years.

Speedy execution & even speedier sales: The company has diversified its portfolio well by taking-up multiple small to mid-sized residential projects across multiple cities (currently 11 projects are under implementation in cities like, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Nagpur, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai). The company’s project- wise data shows that it has maintained a consistent and relatively fast completion of the projects (4-4.5 years in Mumbai, other-wise 3-3.5 years across other cities), compared to other listed/ unlisted developers. More positively, the sales cycle has in 83% of the projects been even faster than execution cycle, contrary to industry trends. Even in a market like Delhi NCR, the company’s Luminare P-I project has sold 73% since 6 quarters of launch, ahead of completed 41%. This strategy of fast executionandsalesinourview istheoptimalstrategy,asithelpsthecompanyinrevenue recognition, inventory cycle (better than Oberoi, DLF), cash flows and profitability. Even more importantly, it helps in consolidation of the company’s brand image and create virtuous cycle of continuous fast growth and translate to market share gains.

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Disc: Invested

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Mahindra Lifespace Developers Limited (MLD) is the Real Estate company of Mahindra group. They operate in both commercial as well as the residential space. They have manageable debt on their books.

They are right now executing a number of residential as well as commercial projects.


  • Fast execution - Average project completion in Mumbai is 4-4.5 years and 3-3.5 years in other cities. (Source - please read the report by Angel Broking attached below). Also they sell units faster than they can complete them. So sales cycle is faster than project completion cycle.
  • Future revenue visibility - They currently have 20.3 million sq ft of saleable area. On top of it they have 11.3 million sq ft of land bank (Source - please read the report by Angel Broking attached below).
  • Building in phases - They depend on cash flow from sales to complete project execution. For e.g. - If a building has 3 towers then they will first build 1 tower and then sell that tower substantially. The cash generated from this 1st tower will then be used to start work on the 2nd tower. This ensures minimal cash is blocked. This point shows the conservative way of thinking by management
  • Strong commercial property play - MLD is currently developing two integrated business cities called Mahindra World City. One is in Chennai and the other is in Jaipur. The Mahindra World City in Chennai is almost completely leased out. The company now is trying to replicate the same success for Mahindra World City Jaipur.


  • The company is professionally managed and therefore lacks the fast paced growth that an entrepreneur may bring to the company.

Current situation of the sector:

  • There is a genuine shortage of residential units in India. Therefore demand for the sector seems favourable in the future too.
  • Due to the reduced availability of cash in the Indian economy real estate transactions using black money will reduce. This may mean that demand from black money hoarders will go down and therefore prices for real estate will continue to remain subdued.
  • Due to increased digitisation more Indians will have a credit rating. This will make it easy for them to get formal credit especially housing finance. This would enable people to buy a house thereby increasing demand from lower middle class and economically backward sections.
  • Due to the new Real Estate Act being implemented by the Govt. small developers will find it difficult to use money raised for one project for the construction of another. This would put pressure on their cash flows and they would find it difficult to launch multiple projects at one go. This is good news for developers who are already in the habit of following clean and conservative processes.

Some claims by the company in their last con call on Oct 27, 2016. The transcript of the con-call is also attached below:

  • The CEO Ms.Anita said that in this financial year the company will spend Rs.350-400 crores on construction.
  • In Chennai the company has a residential property called Iris. It only has 15-20 units left to be sold.
  • In Mumbai the company has a residential property called Vivante. In Vivante Phase 1 the company has 10 unsold units.

20160822_Mahindra-Lifespace-Developers-Limited_4_InitiatingCoverage-2.pdf (180.0 KB)
MahindraLifespaceDevelopersLimited-3.pdf (283.7 KB)

		       Mahindra Life space Development LTD
  • Discussion Financial Result of 2nd quarter of 2018 and first half of financial year 2017-18
    o Indian accounting standard is applicable for company from April 2016 Hence certain key properties in Valtari Chennai , Valtari Jaipur , Mahindra homes pvt lid and Mahindra developers are now consolidated on line by line basis on the basis of the equity method consolidation.
    o During Second quarter company has register all his on going projects across nation and registration across state wherever is has been applicable to our projects we complete the registration Due to the time required to complete the various projects during which period marketing was not permitted and also coupled in increase in price about 2-3 % with GST So Q2 sales is low June and July it was actually very low. In September it has come to nor-mal on overall basis. While residential sale was lower in Q2 comparing to Q1 .
    o Demand in the Premium and Luxury segment has been week but demand has peek up in the lower ticket size. In this quarter we have seen 36 % of sales coming from below 50 lakh segment and we have contributed around 55 % of sale from 75 lakh segment and balance is come from other segment.
    o We had two announcement during the quarter. Both of these partnership are done for growth in business.
     Strategic Partnership with International Finance Corporation where Mahindra life Space will partner in Industry life business for development of upcoming industrial projects .
     We had done a Joint Venture platform with HDFC Capital to focus on affordable housing segment below 50 lakh segment.
  • Consolidated results :-
    o Total revenue for the quarter is 129.1 Crore compare to 144.8 Crores in Q2 Fy 17 and 148.7 in Q1 Fy 18.
    o PAT was 13.6 Crores for quarter compare to 32 Crores in the previous year Q2 FY 17 and 13.8 in Q1 of this year.
  • Segment wise Performance
    o Residential Building sold about 200 units in current quarter amounting to 111 Crores of sales value with an APRO of 5129 Rs Per SQ ft. 36% of sales volume came from affordable housing below 50 lakh segment around 55 % of sale from 75 lakh segment and balance is come from other segment.
    o There has been focus on selling finished goods. 37.5 % of revenue came from finish goods and over continue to grow at good pace and total 875 we had handed over the customer and another 700-750 u\nits we will be handing over to customers this year.
    o In term of Industrial segment, Jaipur we find three customers in retail totalling about 6 acre of sales. In Chennai we found one customer and done 4 acres of sales .So total contribute 10 acre of sale with value of 20 Crores.
    o We get approve for new industry park in Chennai . So construction activity started at the ground level.
    o Stock marketing has also comment we reach out two customers We wil be formally launching the project in this quarter.
    o Land acquisition has completed in Ahmedabad , we are in process of getting various approval so we will launching the project this Financial year.
  • Financial Performance for the quarter
    o EBITDA margin for FY 18 Q2 stood at 11.2 % versus 12.2 % in Q2 of FY 17 and 11.7 % of Q1 of FY 18
    o PAT margin FY 18 Q2 stood at 10.5 % versus 22.2 % in Q2 of FY 17 and 9.74 % of Q1 of FY 18
    o Reduction in EBITDA is mainly due to lower revenue and contribution in absolute terms keeping the PAT margin at similar level. The PAT margin improve marginally during the quarter due to other income. Cost of debt stands at 9.6 %.


  • This quarter results are very poor in Pune and NCR , However Bangalore has some what perform good , So is it purely because of GST or demand and supply has been slow down ?
    o In Bangalore we have launch Phase 2 of a project in the last week of September . In phase one there were about 40 odd units and right now 18 odd units has been sold. In the last one month in terms of nearly least inventory so that’s the difference as far as Bangalore is concerned .
    o Across it two thing were happening
     Our all projects are getting registered , the website was ready earlier and we get most of our approvals in one week of submission. So we were effectively in a better position right from day 1. There has been delay also in approval like Bangalore project got approval in September. There also some confusion under RERA like customers should register as broker or not registered to broker.
     On GST side we were the early one to go out and put out the input tax credit in terms of what customer could get. Fact is most ongoing projects which see upward of price were nearly 4000-5000 Rs sq ft you do have a input tax credit nearly about 2-4 % from starting of project till the life cycle and we did not absorb that factor into pricing so the time taken to customer itself to take decision and to convert.
  • Did we do something regarding sales ?
    o In September sales should be 110-120 % of what we do in a month , October should be inline or baseline performance on monthly Basis .
  • Still there is no clearity on GST in ready to move property and we are sitting on 200-220 Unit . So how that will impact the demand ?
    o In ready to move segment it is easier because there is no GST applicable. If somebody buy your product after you get your certificate and first payment instalment is post OC then there is no burden of 12 % GST. Today our 6 units in Hyderabad and 76 units still active in Chennai , Nova 53 will be completed in next two months that something which has a normal run rate of 10-15 units per month in this financial year. Hyderabad there are been few challenge in local environment on registration of projects the government has put strictness on registration . NCR 5-6 units that will be completed in this financial year.
  • Any specific comment regarding NCR as we have under construction project over there and market is not picking up from two years ?
    o Things will perform slower in NCR at the moment is concern as specially in luxury segment it is even more difficult . In our Nova Project If we look at Phase-1 we do have units left over today are specifically the lower flows. We have specific schemes to complete the lower floor units. We have been able to hold on the prices but in lower floors there are some units like 1st floor and 3rd floor inventory , we are trying to convert it back this inventory into sales.
  • Is there any MOU is in pipeline ?
    o We are working on about One MOU for a land parcel of about 9 acres in Mumbai .Our existing project will get approval till the end of this year and then we will launch our new project in the next year. We are now working on newer opportunities and affordable housing platform. As far as mid segment is concern we have 3 project working One in Bangalore , One in Hyderabad .All work is completed in these two project only one move from land owner is going on to move it completely in our book. The other two land parcel in Bangalore are in earlier stage of registration. Pune we are looking in the pipeline but nothing right now to disclose.
  • Is there is timeline in HFC platform or is it finite life ?
    o No there is a time line in terms of investment commitment of 3 years . We have to put 125 Crores in project because we are 26 % of the overall economic platform though we hold 50 % of the equity . We will be funding 25 % of the total funds but 50 % of the equity.
  • In other income the substantial income is from divend income itself or is it from Chennai project.
    o We have other income come from Jaipur as dividend we also have divind income from Mahindra Inclusive township Ltd on consolidate base. There has been also interest income from Gujarat SPA with IOC coming and taking 50 % of stake and we have taken out the 50 % that was given to acquire the project as interest income has also been taken out from it.
  • How do you see outlook in Mumbai ,Pune ,Jaipur, NCR as we are in process of RERA registration when do you see the volumes coming out ?
    o In Mumbai we don’t have any reference because we had only one project in Mumbai and that is completely sold this month expect 2-3 units.
    o In Pune it is back to that volume as it was in pre-july
    o In NCR it is on 10-15 units per month which is typically done in October same kind of volume will br there
    o In Pune we will sustain more volume , Mumbai we have to see as we are launching new project so how the market react.
  • What is your visibility about Kandiwali and Sakinaka in Mumbai ?
    o We have no visibility as both case are going on in supreme court regarding dumping. In kandiwali we expect that High court will resolve it and next announcement we will hear on 13th November from High Court. We are confident that it we be free consent as developers will take the responsibility .
    o In Sakinaka it has one of its two hurdles reomove the second one is the height approval which lie with the high court. We had listen that Maharashtra government will set a committee and close it soon but it still not happen.
    o We do have height confirmation from the Civolution as per the height require but civil avation is not allow to complete until the matter is in High Court.
    o In Pune and Chennai, Pune our new project BCMC is confirmed we have received all approvals and clearance . Only environment clearance is waiting for approval if we get the environmental approval then we will be launch in Q4 other all building approvals are done.
    o In Palgar , all approvals are done only environment clearance is pending. After approval it will also launch in December – January.
    o In Chennai again we have a Million Sq Ft to launch that is in approval so we will be able to launch it earliest during the financial year.
  • So as we don’t see much volume rising in H 2 so we have to be more aggressive on selling ?
    o In case of Under Construction projects and ready inventory my answer will be yes.
  • Any strategy toward selling specially in our ready inventory ?
    o We have plans ready for it and we are working already on ready inventory. I think attraction of almost 80 Cr coming in quarter we will be ready to push that we edevaour will be to complete the value of the ready inventory of 190 Cr of books at current selling prices. Efforts will be to push all that and close to no inventory.
  • In leasing side we also see slow down so what is the strategy there or look over that ?
    o We are now doing outreach by meeting customers who are looking for expansions . So there is a higher outreach in market . Because in case of new capital investment there has been sluggishness in this financial year .
    o In Jaipur we see smaller local Indian players for looking at small slaps of land and we are getting customers who are in need of average 42 acre.
    o In Chennai we find it little better and also larger in size nearly to 5 acres all of them are multinational . Decision time take more time and Chennai customers are not seeking land they want Built up solutions. It become three way conversation the Developer who build for them ,us and the client . So it take long time and it impact on average per acre price as you have intermediary who also has to look over his profit also .
  • There is not seen anything large in Chennai and Jaipur so what is the outlook over there ?
    o From current league I would say Chennai will continue to see customer in buying range of 3-4 acre land .
    o Jaipur would be in the 2-3 acre kind of mode .
    o We are working on larger reach requirement but currently the pipeline is not much large that I can commit at the time.
  • As a pure residential business which can be operate by a JV (Joint Venture) strategic model one is in star cluster and another in affordable business which other listed players are doing so what is your direction your play in the business in terms of margin and business ?
    o Its not like exclusion of residential real estate it will be significant part of business . It’s a mix about less than 10 % come from affordable housing and 20 % come in from the industry cluster and balance is from residential.
    o The IFC and HFC partnership is announced in this quarter so this is higher in visibility. If you look back we do have a partnership with Stanfy of around 1000 Crores and 3 years back we had deploy 70 % of that and still 30 % is pending. We also define partnership with one another partner for funding in next projects.
    o We need MOU to be done soon to announce that partnership . From Capital view residential will be a important part and we will definitely follow a more asset light model either in terms of partnerships and joint ventures. So lot of the transaction in the residential model are on JV model and the intend is to look at significant scale up in that business.
    o In case of national cluster is concern it can take care of its own strategic planning and investment regarding it so it does not require more efforts from our side and affordable housing we will we build it from scratch to scale with our partners.
  • So as Joint venture and partnership so does we see scale up in that ?
    o Yes and also in terms of capital on era of residential the relationship has been finalised and the term sheets has been done but normally we don’t go in public domain . We actually have a investment check in the platform.
    o Since HDFC platform coming we have been moving to it . We completed the documents and declare the announcement . In IFCA the investment from Mr Bhansali is happening in Ahmedabad project.
  • What effect you see on the ground as RERA effect and GST ?
    o There has been huge structural changes in compliance and a lot of new ways of doing business coming out .
    o Now you have three baskets of players.
     One basket who clearly want exit and not want to be part of the industry.
     Second want to structure in JV , partnership be willing to put their land to more creditable name who can drive sales who can drive market who can drive execution and maintain relationships.
     Third is the Organised players like Corporate and some of the traditional player who had been professional from the beginning are recently looking to scale up their own business from the opportunity arises from Bucket One and Bucket Two.
  • In your new projects you have mentioned the ticket size would be around 50 lakh . What happiness kind of product it would be better if it around 20-25 lakh . From a deployement prospective HDFC is doing similar thongs with other Corporates. So all projects will be doing under this platform or some would be from different platform ?
    o So far 50 lakh is concern this a focus of state between us and parties and we will be focus on that. Currently the thing is to stay with the happiness segment so it would be 25. Over a period of time and depend on location we choose I would say that 25 would go to some 30 or some 40 so that catergory of projects we would have. Two categories of projects are coming those which are extend to suburps and those which are nearest to city in different price tag and different places .
    o In terms of scale we are looking for 500 Crore investment as of now we are looking for land which could be between 5 million to 10 million sq ft over the investment period because if you get closer the town you will get land more expensive. In Suburps we looking to expand upto 10 Million sq ft .
  • Any restriction on investment ?
    o Currently we are focusing on Chennai and Mumbai ,then that restriction is based on to create certain scale up in these market first rather than others.
  • Most of the Joint ventures will be outline or you will do it ?
    o In this platform we will be focus on outline . The affordable housing platform there would be mid-premium segment and focusing on JV.
  • What is your vision to grow in next 3-5 years as we are now done JV with IFCI and HDFC is concern ?
    o We do not share our forward looking statement as policy but wht we will be looking the year is to working on schedule a strategic call where we will share with the investor community our plan for next 3-4 year. For each of business segment and for each of decision we take we are targeting multiple growth.
  • I want to know some sense about operating margin on affordable housing we re focusing on ?
    o In affordable housing in our star cluster our EBITDA margin would be very good as far as industry cluster as we are in maturity stage in Chennai and Jaipur . We will be seeing 40-45 % margin iin our EBITDA . In that segment greater investment would be come so greater volume will pick up .
    o So our PAT margin have to come about 10 % because of the interest burden to be serviced.
    o Apart from it we are also being involved with IFC so we can see greater volume. This business is clear about the macro economic environment
    o In case of residential business including affordable housing , if you look at the current quarter our EBITDA stood at 30 % .If you look at current marketing cost , managing and admin cost the current issue is our operations are not scale up and established at the organisation scale . If you look at Our challenge is to increase volumes , increase land parcels and pushing our operations to scale up which optimise our fix cost .
  • Operational cost that you mention has come down to what level I mean at neck level would be higher than 10 % you mention over there or lower than it ?
    o At EBITDA level it comes down to 10 % depend on what the fix cost of marketing and sales cost of a company . Both sales part and marketing man power has coming down to 10 % . So at PAT level it comes around 6-7 % only .
  • What you are planning to follow the method in case of manpower and strategies to run business in case of macro ?
    o We will scale up by adding projects on projects. If you go on 2-3x cost structure then who is going to lend you so we will be looking to scale up our business.
  • How is your Case running in one of your issue in Bombay and do you have any partner involve in it ?
    o In case of Construction Contract business we have Contractor as a partner there and he was handling the case , yes we have lost 7-8 months as he was going to First bench then another then high court and at last we don’t get any stay with respect to construction contract . So now we both have to go on arbitration in respect to construction contract of claims on either side , as far as the shareholdes is concern we are trying to work with them solve things going forward so that become easier and smoother for us to run the business without any dispute and doing commitment to customers to deliver on time .
  • What is our planning on land parcel ?
    o In Thane the hearing is done by the tehsildar who has given the judgement to the idea of reviewing his whole decision , But some issue are there as that tehsildar has been promoted by government and new tehsildar has to come . So somebody else will review his judgement
  • After RERA and GST only few players remain at national level , so from a view of 5-7 years will we be the top among national players ?
    o In scale up yes , In case of footprint in next 3-5 year we would be focus on South and west in terms of building market share today we have around One to two projects in every city which is not optimise scale from a organise player concern . While rather have 8-10 projects running in the core cities. We will be focused on 10 cities , Yes if economy changes at significant level and job creation happen , people start going formal real estate then we will have 1-2 projects in that region but not more than that.
  • In Jaipur , what are the updates on second part of DTA project details ?
    o We got all the approvals done in second DTA , In fact what we were selling from the last 9 months have been from the new DTA so I think it has been total of about 15-20 acres sold from the new DTA so far .
    o Unless the first DYA where we were having certain large customers coming in so we had customers like 20 acre taken by Roto , 20 acre taken by Rickson so we have seen something 100 acre large taken by JCA . So there we saw the large customers coming in and we will complete the first DTA very quickly .
    o The second DTA has been slower because we are not seeing the larger customer coming into make significant investments. So it has been function of overall investment climate , as new investment come new manufacturing will done. And second that they are looking at some other 5-6 state cities with a smaller pipe with other state.
    o As far as chennai is concern the industry is pretty more mature and city is more mature which is why international players with limited capital are looking for opportunities in Chennai but decision time are been longer.
  • Disclosure :-
    o In next six month we will be focus on increasing sales volume and increase our ability to launch new projects at the earliest so that we start contributing toward the revenue and profits .
    o In residential business including affordable housing we will bw focus on adding new inventory to be able to scale up the business significantly these two are the really most focused area for the company

MAHLIFE has announced new affordable housing project along with HDFC Capital.

Mahindra lifespaces reported encouraging set of numbers for Q418 and financial year in general. Revenue reported was steady 180.6cr Q4 vs 185.6cr Q3. EBITDA margin increased to 48% Q4 vs 24% Q3 and 19% Q417. Revenue dropped significantly to 644cr FY18 vs 831cr FY17. Operating expenses reduced significantly. Debt to equity stood at 0.20 vs 0.38, with debt dropping from 25cr to 5cr. Board also approved 60% dividend on shares of face value 10 each. More details can be found here.

Mahindra Life Detailed investor presentation and press Release.

Agree, but you have to look at the number in the context of what is happening with real estate sector in general. Demand is low, small developers getting bankrupt due to various reasons and RERA is pain. In such condition, if you are able nearly double EBITDA margin and keep numbers steady, its great achievement. I was expecting debt and interest to go up for above reason, but it has actually come down. Going by the momentum, i think both premium residential and commercial office complex demand will pick up by next quarter. CEO of MAHLIFE already spoke on affordable housing ventures of the company and said the margin will be low. So, i think things are overall encouraging.

PS: Invested

As a investor, i look at context of the business environment, business model as well as financial result to judge a result. So, that’s there.

It was undervalued and not all the development projects were in price. I think its fairly valued now.

Check out @CNBCTV18News’s Tweet:
Mahindra Lifespace commences pre-sales of ‘Roots’ in Mumbai. Sangeeta Prasad, CEO of the company says they are looking at a revenue potential of around Rs 200 cr. @life_spaces

Highlights from AR 2018:
• Company sold 1,357 units aggregating 1.16 million square feet of saleable area in 2017-18 against 863 units / 0.91 million square feet in 2016-17
• The Company sold 721 premium units in 2017-18 compared to 613 units in 2016-17. 636 units and 250 units are figures in Affordable segment for the two years. The premium segment includes all residential projects of the company, barring the three affordable housing projects in Avadi, Boisar and Palghar marketed as Happinest.
• The sales growth of 57 percent and 27 percent by area sold was achieved inspite of the Company having to defer the launch of three of its projects in Mumbai due to High Court related restrictions and two of its projects, one each in Pune and Chennai, due to pending approvals.
• The Bombay High Court placed restrictions on (a) granting permissions for new construction due to solid waste management issue in Mumbai, and (b) granting building height approvals in the funnel area of the airport in Mumbai.
• The Company handed over total 3846 units during last 2 years 2016-17 and 2017-18. This marked a significant uptick from the achievement during 2014-15 and 2015-16 when it handed over only 1364 units. It reflects company’s focus on execution.
• Company has launched a new brand of industrial clusters called ‘ORIGINS by Mahindra World City’. These are relatively smaller clusters - one near Chennai and the other near Ahmedabad. The former has received all its approvals and we expect it to get its first set of customers in 2018-19, and the latter is in the process of getting its approvals.
• Looking forward to launching five new residential projects on receipt of requisite approvals in 2018-19. The total estimated saleable area of these projects amounts to 1.97 million square feet.
• The Company is currently developing 3.97 million square feet with another 4.44 million square feet available in the form of forthcoming projects, new phases of ongoing projects and new projects that are in various stages of planning, for launch in the future.
• In addition to above, the Company has a landbank with a development potential aggregating around 10.44 million square feet, 91 percent of which is within Mahindra World City, Chennai.
• The Company seeks to grow its presence significantly in Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore and add to its presence in Hyderabad and NCR before exploring any other geographies.
• Integrated Cities and Industrial Clusters (ICIC) recorded 62 acres of land leases during the year, compared to 74 acres in the previous year.
• The Company will focus on increasing its deal pipeline and closures in the balance inventory of industrial land in Chennai and in leveraging the enhanced product-mix at Jaipur to add more customers in its DTA and multi-product SEZ.
• During the year, the Company expanded its post possession value added services that had been piloted in 2016- 17 — both, in terms of number of projects and types of services. These now encompass complete interior solutions, electrical fittings, lighting solutions and modular kitchens. Going forward, the Company shall further increase the bouquet of value added services available to customers.
• During the year, the Company entered into two partnerships. The first partnership is with International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, for the development of multiple industrial parks across Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. This entails an investment commitment of USD 50 million, with the first investment in Origins, Jansali — the 268-acre industrial cluster near Ahmedabad. The second partnership is with a fund managed by HDFC Capital Advisors Limited for projects in the affordable housing space, with joint commitment of Rs 500 crore that can deliver development footprint of 5-10 million square feet. Happinest, Palghar (I & II), in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, which has an estimated saleable area of 1.05 million square feet, is the first project to be implemented under this partnership.
• Consolidated total revenue reduced from Rs 831 crore in 2016-17 to Rs 644 crore in 2017-18, primarily due to decline in project activity during the year and a one time revenue of Rs 176.71 crore through sale of land in the previous year.
• Operating Margins improved from 14.3% in 2016-17 to 21% in 2017-18.
• Residential Operations’ share was 79% in Total Income and 57% in PAT while Integrated Cities and Industrial Clusters (ICIC)’s share was 21% and 43% respectively.
• The average cost of consolidated debt reduced from 9.86 percent in 2016-17 to 9.49 percent in 2017-18.
• Finance Cost increased from Rs 20 Cr to 41 Cr due to less allocation to cost of projects.
• Legal and other professional cost (Other Expenses) increased from Rs 8.6 Cr to Rs 10.9 Cr
• Project Management Fees increased from Rs 12.7 Cr to Rs 28.5 Cr
• Income from Projects reduced from Rs 729 Cr to Rs 519 Cr
• The amount of inventories recognised as an expense Rs 37,344 lakh (31st March, 2017: Rs 56,589 lakh) include Rs 1,190.14 lakh (31st March, 2017: Rs Nil) in respect of write down of inventory to net realisable value.
• Current Trade Receivables increased from Rs 76 Cr to Rs 145 Cr
• The Company had entered into an agreement to acquire a parcel of land near Thane, Maharashtra, at a consideration of Rs 20cr. While full consideration was paid, the land was not conveyed pending completion of certain formalities. The amount currently standing in the books as a current assets is Rs 28079cr. Tahsildar (Thane) has issued an order against the registered owner alleging non-adherence of certain conditions pertaining to Bombay Tenancy and Agricultural Lands Act, 1948 and changed the land records to reflect Government of Maharashtra as the holder of the land. The Company has been legally advised that the said order and the demand thereunder is grossly erroneous and not tenable.

Disclosure: Tracking Position, 1% of my Equity Portfolio.

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Mahindra Life Space Ltd

Highlights Of Q2 FY19 and H1 FY19 Results

Key Highlights

  • Company has started recognizing revenue on completed contract method versus percentage of completion method under IND-AS.
  • In Residential Business company has launched Lakewood’s in Mahindra World City Chennai in August 2018 with total saleable area of 0.9 million square feet with 747 number of apartments comprising essentially 2 and 3 BHK in range of 40 – 50 lakhs per unit.
  • Last quarter company had sold of Rs 250 plus Cr of residential sales and around 249 Cr of collection.
  • Company focus is to create pipeline from sales and create pipeline from launches.
  • Company sales has been done mostly from new projects Roots at Kandivali and Lakewoods in Mahindra World City Chennai which contributed to Rs. 88 Crs of our Rs. 256 Crs of sales in the last quarter
  • Finished goods inventory sales stood at Rs. 79 Crs and this was triggered mostly by the finished goods sale of Windchimes Phase-1 as well as Ashvita and Antheia in the last quarter.
  • Average price realization for the quarter stood at 6,400 per square feet, reflecting higher contribution for 1 Cr and above ticket size product, primarily because of Roots and Windchimes
  • In Mahindra homes phase-1 was completed of Windchimes, which is 0.44 million square feet of saleable area and company had completed project 5 month ahead of committed timelines.
  • For continuous supply company had signed a agreement with Happinest brand at the Bhiwandi-Kalyan road with the development potential of around 0.8 million square feet. It will come in market in sometime. Other 2 MoUs are also in final stages of completion Both of these land parcels would amount to 1.4 million square feet of development potential. In last quarter some good performance is seen in IC & IC segment. Both Mahindra World City, Chennai and Jaipur added between them 5 customers and contributed to Rs 67.4 Crs of lease value.
  • The strategic partnership with IFC fructified into their investing around Rs. 195 Crs in Mahindra World City, Jaipur. Company have also added 70.8 acres in own origins , Ahmedabad project which has taken the total area of Ahmedabad Origins to 340 acres from 268 acres. The approvals are in the final stages for Origins, Ahmedabad and company is confident to get all approvals and launch the project in subsequent quarters.
  • Company had signed a LOI with an anchor cost customer for Origins, Chennai and some good news will come soon.
  • In current market liquidity challenge MLDL borrowing cost based on IndAS, continuous to be below 9% levels and the company has substantial liquidity on hand.


  • Consolidated total income stood at 93.9 Cr compare to 129.1 Cr in Q2 FY18 and 175.8 Cr in Q1 FY19.
  • Consolidated PAT post minority interest, stood at Rs. 21.2 Cr compare to 13.5 Cr in Q2 FY18 and 26.7 Cr in Q1 FY19
  • PAT margins stood at 43.9% compare to 10.4% in Q2 F18 and 15.2% in Q1 of FY19.
  • EBITDA margins stood at 57 % compare to 23.4% in Q2 FY18 and 24.4% in Q1 FY19.
  • Improvement in EBITDA has been mainly contributed by the sales mix of the projects as well as strong performance by industrial cluster business and completion of Windchimes at Mahindra Homes


  • How much of profit has come from Windchimes , Jaipur and Chennai ?
    • Mahindra Homes has contributed Rs. 31.9 Crs PAT, then MITL which is Mahindra Integrated Township Limited has contributed Rs. 2.5 Crs. Mahindra World City Developers Limited which is Chennai World City has contributed Rs. 12.1 Crs and Mahindra World City, Jaipur Limited has contributed Rs. 12.5. These are the major contributors to the PAT. That totally add upto Rs 59 Cr.
  • Does company have done 67 Cr of leasing and on that company have made 25 Cr of profit is it right ?
    • Yes
  • The area which company has leased would that be majorly DTA or is that SEZ as well?
    • Combination of both because Chennai is just DTA and no SEZ left there. Jaipur has some DTA land, so it is a combination of both. So, out of the 2 customers which comprise of 12.3 acres in Mahindra World City, Chennai all are DTA. 3 customers in Mahindra World City, Jaipur, 2 are DTA and 1 is SEZ.
  • In Jaipur company have SEZ area in Jaipur so what is the outlook considering the SEZ deadline is approaching now March 2020. So how will demand coming up in next five years ?
    • In last quarter when company have launched multi-product SEZ company had anchor MoU in that company see continued interest in coming and signing in the multi-product SEZ primarily for couple of reason. Multi-product SEZ enables any customer to come in and sign and second what company offer is just t not the SEZ benefit, but the benefit of an integrated business city. So, people find it convenient. Company see a good pipeline in the World City, Jaipur for the multi-product SEZ . Company will see more customers coming in SEZ area.
  • What is the plan for the definitive agreement signed at Kalyan and what is the consideration that was paid for this and what will be the plan here in terms of product?
    • Company is looking for Happinest product between 1 bed and 2 bed in that market and company is proceeding well on concluding the approvals needed to get ready to launch this project in fourth quarter.
  • In terms of the partnership with IFC, so the money is now come in the Jaipur SPV, World City rather. How will be the deployment of cash and going forward basically ?
    • So, the deployment of this cash is in 2 forms. One is to deleverage ourselves from other that is obligatory debt and also to invest in development in the SEZ and the DTA itself
  • From debt profile bulk of debt is sitting in MHPL so how should one look at this because company do not have sales and cash flows ?
    • MHPL has another project called Windchimes and its sales and cash flow are redeeming but Luminaire has shown some early traction, but not satisfactory to requirement. But this project is the Phase-1 , the tower A is almost in the final stages and once the OC comes , there will be an interest in ready to use units because of the GST benefits. So in market there are two kind of sales trigger - one is at the launch and one is at the finished goods stage. So, it is the exploitation of the finished goods advantage, both from a ready to use as well as from a commercial benefit due to GST and for the larger entity of MHPL, which is larger loan, there is the Windchimes also which is chipping in.
  • In terms of liquidity crunch in whole NBFC how is the market for realty sector in Mumbai and NCR panning out ?
    • Many developers who were taking advantage of the arbitrage of asymmetry, are finding it now difficult. Because now they have to deliver at the right time, they can only collect money when it is as per the rules of the game. So company is definitely seeing notwithstanding the liquidity crunch. Liquidity crunch is actually adding to their woes. Both these factors are adding to a large number of players in the market wanting to breathe out of this space and trying to look for partners or people who can rescue them. Company is seeing fair amount of opportunity.
  • When do company see the launches ? What is the status of approval and company new project in Kalyan will it come under HDFC platform or it will be launched by company own ?
    • In last 2-3 months the DP 34 has really come up in fashion. And company was hoping that DP-34 will get un-launched. It is now postponed to 30th November. Now BMC being in this state of flux, is going sluggish even on the proposals which have been submitted like our proposals for the 2 new projects which you are talking off because they are not wanting to put pen on paper till they see some certainty from the DP 34. Highcourt has also passed the impasse of three NOC. So, because they believe that the committees are not forming technical people, so they want to reconstitute and till that time the three NOCs will be kept in abeyance. So, one of company project in Saki Naka project is impacted by the three NOC and both the projects are impacted by the BMC going sluggish. To top it all, while the High Court had delegated it to the civilization authorities that the height can be decided by them. One of project in Andheri is also impacted by the civil aviation authorities, not yet passing signature on what should be the height of that project. Company is following up on that and company will launch project anytime soon. As far as the Pune project is concerned, it is little under control because it is waiting for the environment approvals, post which company will go for the rudimentary CC and RERA. So, there is a little more certainty than the other 2 projects. But the push is company want to create the momentum of launches every quarter. Company is pushing the system for approval and launches system regularly and frequently because that keeps us up and the market energized
  • Did the Kalyan project is under platform or will company will be doing it by own ?
    • It is under the HDFC platform. It is taken in the platform directly. So, it is almost like a land as part of that company called Mahindra Happinest Developers Limited and it will conduct business as usual.
  • What is business development plan for rest of the year ?
    • Company have done definitive agreement in Happinest-. There are 2 more MoUs which are in advance stages and company is now discussing heatedly with the lawyers and the land owner’s lawyer on the definitive agreement and d those 2 MoUs should see fructification in the near future. There are couple of MoUs which are also on the way. So, these 2 MoUs will see fructification into definitive agreement and company will see couple of MoU also coming in way this quarter and the next. If the buy is outright company is staging the buy in terms of transaction , company is not paying upfront 100% at the first agreement to sale the definite agreement. Company is waiting for approval and it will help company to defray its outright payout. It keep company under pressure e to design go and get the approvals so that the land to launch period because for company the critical l success factoring future will be land to launch and launch to completion. So company is trying to collapse 2-3 initiatives.
  • Did company is seeing any improvement in terms of MoUs so far compared to what company did in past ?
    • As a land owner company realize that there are not many buyers in the market. Apart from greenfield company is also seeing people, developers who in this current market regime because of regulations and liquidity crisis wanting to have someone to come and make them breathe easy. So, this is another thing which will help company to negotiate better because of bargaining power.
  • Did company will also enter into already partially completed, partially sold projects?
    • Company will be evaluating some of them and as a brand company have to be very cautious on this because RERA obligation has to be considered.
  • Did company will also look at large projects which are under IBC and maybe partner with NBCC to complete those projects. Is that an opportunity company will ever consider ?
    • Company will always evaluate right opportunities because this is the right time for company to win and grow because there are very few players who have brand and access to capital.
  • Does any NBFC is approaching company with potential MoUs ?
    • So, usually developers directly are cagey about approaching us because developers have massive egos and they will use their conduits which could be NBFCs, which could be ARCs, which could be banks, which could be channel partners.
  • Does company is facing issue of slow approvals in Bangalore and Chennai in house the RERA authority behaving there?
    • It is not exactly the RERA authority, it is the whole process of approval to be fair to the RERA authorities. RERA authorities are relatively faster than the other authorities which give IOD CC environmental and the DTCP kind. So, it is not the RERA, it is the ones in between who come in the way of faster approval. Environment has been distinctly slow in the last few months. In fact, Pune project which has been in the environment juggernaut for a while, but company hope that meeting will come up in next month and company will get its environmental approval next month.
  • In Mumbai there was a 6 month window for the debris and beyond that any clarity, visibility or in the interim that only stays ?
    • There was a ban and then there was a relief. The city is has been very unkind with environmental surroundings. There has been extreme reactive approach even by the court. So, there are 2 aspects. Environmental issue has impacted many people who were going in the right direction. So that’s the uncertainty which plagues, , it is the uncertainty and the toggle flip flop which comes in the way .
  • How GST impact JDAs ?
    • It has impacted. but it is not a slow-down in the beginning when GST came and JDA was looking a little difficult but with right way of structuring and with right advice from a tax consultant these can be structured even in JDA format.
  • In happiness brand o, considering that the Palghar, Boisar and Bhiwandi will be out of BMC limit. How is company experience in terms of title clearance or approval time starting from and till company launch proval time starting from and till you launch t
    • Company had a good experience in Bhiwandi At this stage, hard to compare like-to-like because there is no portfolio within MCGM limits for company to compare against.
  • How is company experience in terms of pricing in Boisar and Palghar considering the competitive environment and the volume of supply which is there. Does company was able to increase or at least maintain the pricing for last 2-3 years?
    • Company have certainly increased pricing at Palghar, currently that is the project that is the focus of sale in that belt so company have increase pricing over the course since it was launched in February or so.
  • In terms of project completion pipeline what is company looking for in next few quarter ?
    • Company have mapped out completion for each quarter because company believe that for each quarter company should have completion going because e that gets the top line and for this quarter company have completions and for next quarter again, a couple of completion. The reason company is not naming them because it is not merely completion which will enable revenue recognition. Company need to get OC from the statutory authorities and need to fulfil some obligations which are beyond company control.
  • What kind of coupon company is paying on Debt of 640 Cr that is coming from promoter OCDs and CCDs from MHPL ?
    • 14 % but it is purely based on the cash flows.
  • On MHPL on a cash flow basis, is servicing debt ?
    • Yes
  • How do company recognise revenues is it on delivery or completion. ?
    • Revenue recognized exactly the way clause 38 of IndAS 115 specify company o follow to which has the requirement like company have to obtain OC and also ensure that t the unit is ready for handover. Company have sent the offer for possession and company is reasonably clear based on assessment that the customer has ability and intention to pay. So, there is a framework which works for this as based on that framework company either pass or fail unit for recognition. And that is how the recognition is met and the accounting standard itself gives very clear guidance in terms of what is the transfer of control which is not only the possession physically to be done
  • The transaction they have done with IFC and the money that company received in 2Q so what company will do of that money and how will be the structure whether it is a cash out or it will be an equity infusion and a new entity by the incoming partner?
    • First of all, it was infused in Q2, early. No, it is not any separate entity or anything it has come into Mahindra World City Jaipur Limited. It is structured as a debt, but it is actually having, it is similar to what company have done for there is a threshold and if company will get the distributable cash then company will payout to the owners, otherwise no.
  • As it is part of company entity so how do company demarcate or do local expense ?
    • Company have done a MOA and maintain it , company keep track of it and between IFC and Mahindra company have a committee which looks at all the MOA , looks at the distributable cash and take decisions on the basis of that
  • What would be the time line for launch of both the Ahmedabad and the North Chennai?
    • North Chennai have got all the approvals. Work has started there because the approach in this business is that if company want good customers then company need to show visibility of development. So, in a way it is launched as a work done but company believe in a proper marketing launch. In earlier call company has stated that they got a anchor customer and signed a LOI with him and that will be converted into a definitive deal this quarter. e. Because when the whole thing is about from abroad, they need to legally incorporate themselves here, so it takes time. That is what is taking time. So between this quarter or next company would be seeing it coming in
    • Ahmedabad is in final stages of getting its approval and company is pushing the approvals.
  • In Jaipur the average price has come down from 2 Cr to 1.9 Cr per acre so is there any reduction or it is just a mix ?
    • It is a mix issue. DTA sells much higher so it is a DTA and SEZ mix. if there is a little polarization towards DTA it will go to the 2. If there is a little polarization towards the SEZ it will go to 1.9. Fundamentally, the prices are going up, they are not going down

Management Comments

The whole idea is to create pipeline because with completed contracts coming in residential, revenues are become a lag indicator. It is only how company work to sell , to get completion done , to get land and turnaround it faster. So company focus is on LLCC – Land, Launch, Completion & Customer.



Hightlights Of Q3FY19 and Nine Month FY19 Results


  • Q3FY19
    • Revenue De-grew by (-26 %) to 137.4 Cr compare to 185.6 Cr last year same quarter and grew by 47 % from 93 Cr previous quarter.
    • EBITDA De-grew by (-53.47 %) to 24.9 Cr from 53.5 Cr previous quarter. Lower EBITDA because of lower completion of residential business and lower contribution comparatively from non-consolidating joint ventures and associates.
    • PAT De-grew by (-50 %) to 24.9 Cr from 53.5 Cr previous quarter.
  • Nine Month FY19
    • Revenue grew by 12.09 % to407 Cr from 463 Cr last year same quarter.
    • EBTDA stood at 121 Cr for the period. EBITDA margin stood at 29.72 % for the period.
    • PAT stood at 88 Cr for the period. PAT margin stood at 21.62 %.
    • Company had around 3.6 Cr of Debt with borrowing cost lower than 9 %.
    • Total Net Worth stood at 1974 Cr for the period.

Key Highlights

  • Residential
    • Achieved Q3 sales of 0.35 msft valued at Rs. 215 Crs, leading to 9M FY19 sales of 1.04 msft, valued at Rs. 616 Crs.
    • Attained Q3 collection of Rs. 195 Crs, leading to 9M FY19 collection of Rs. 662 Crs.
    • Completed Phase IIIA of Antheia, Pune having 0.16 msft of saleable area.
    • Executed an agreement to purchase 8 acres land in Bengaluru, having a development potential of 0.74 msft targeting the mid-premium segment.
    • Construction spend during the quarter stood at 83 Cr compare to 92 Cr last year same quarter
    • In Nine month company was at 616 Cr of residential sales . In collection also company have crossed 660 Cr. Which has been better than best collections in the past years.
    • In sales mix company have got the main contributors from Windchimes , Antheia and Luminaire, so these teams have consistently performing. The average price realization stood at 6,200 per square feet for the quarter and the ratio of sales in the 1 crores and above have been inching towards 50% in the last quarter, it is actually 47%.
    • 175 units handed to customers compare to 399 units last year same quarter.
    • Volume wise contribution :-
      • Mumbai Region :- 26%
      • Pune :- 29 %
      • Nagpur :- 10 %
      • NCR :- 8 %
      • Hyderabad :- 1 %
      • Chennai :- 12 %
      • Bengaluru:- 14 %
    • Value wise contribution
      • Mumbai Region :- 22 %
      • Pune :- 31 %
      • Nagpur :- 7 %
      • NCR :- 13 %
      • Hyderabad :- 1 %
      • Chennai :- 7 %
      • Bengaluru:-19 %
  • Integrated Cities & Industrial Clusters
    • Origins, Chennai signed its first customer, Yanmar Group, a leading manufacturer of Diesel engines, leasing 22.8 acres.
    • Mahindra World City, Jaipur leased 16.2 acres to 3 customers for Rs. 34.0 Crs
  • Company have executed one Mou in Bangalore , One in Pune which is also in the 0.7 million square feet range which company should be executing this quarter. Company have found one in Bangalore which is also in the range of 0.8 million sqft so going toward due diligence company should be able to get it into an agreement stage in the next 3 to 4 months. One is Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) Happinest one which is also 0.8 million square feet. So all of these is about 0.5 million sq ft.
  • Company have a double digit business development team and recruited a very senior person as the chief of Land Acquisition. He was in a CEO position earlier because the person who need to lead should have a business orientation. Company have verticalized its BD team to focus on stressed , Greenfield geography. Company have strengthened the local team in Bangalore , Pune and NCR. Micro market focus, getting pipeline from stressed redevelopment and Greenfield is company strategy.
  • New Chief of Business Development is Sandeep Singh having 2.5 decade of experience previously heading Development Organisation in Karjat.
  • In Murud Rajgad company is focus on customers such as hospitality , healthcare , wellness and adventure. So company strength on B2B customer acquisition will come into play here. Company is expecting investment of around 500-600 Cr from horizontal infrastructure. But when company do strategic partnership people come and build so there will be further investment and job creation. It will be a 5-7 year project.


  • Forthcoming project are of 1.45 msft from existing projects including affordable , mid and premium residential segment.
  • Forthcoming project are of 3.56 msft from New projects including affordable , mid and premium residential segment.
  • Company have acquired a few land acquisition on projects where others are exiting to sustain its raw material supply going forward.

@smehta - Are you still tracking MLDL? I am trying to understand the business here especially with respect to the Integrated Cities & Industrial Clusters part.

  1. How does the leasing model work? MLDL acquire the land develop them and lease it to individual companies for a long period (99) years?
  2. What is the term “Lease Premium” referred to in the annual reports?
  3. I assume the company who has leased the property from MLDL has to develop the building in the land they acquired. Is this correct?
  4. The only income for MLDL once the property has been leased are the Park O&M charges and water supply. Do they get any sort of rental income apart from this?


Hi, Were you able to find any details on these points?


seems like a diverse business model. How this is going to effect the company in long term?